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September 16, 2021

Guided Meditation – Time is precious and so are you.

If you’re like me, you lead a busy life and although you know you should slow down and meditate to find some peace and mindful calm in your life, it’s a struggle. The day-to-day responsibilities we juggle often keep us from slowing down enough to hear our own thoughts and give our brains and bodies enough time to relax. 

I have found that I love guided meditations because they help me quickly de-stress, relax and return to the present moment. There are many guided meditation apps from which to choose and some of them have become part of my self-care habit. 

Guided meditation literally shows us how good it can feel to slow down and connect with the body – and who we are underneath all that rushing around. They offer help when we need a bit of outside influence to help us land inside our bodies again when we spend too much time trapped in our heads.

Guided meditation is also a great way to enter the world of meditation and mindfulness.

As an added bonus to the Permission to Heal podcast, I’m sharing with you the first in my new Guided Meditation Series that I recorded JUST FOR YOU to help you use your breath to BREATHE AWAY ANXIOUS THOUGHTS. 

Time is precious and so are you. 

Try it with me and see how helpful this can be. 

You only need your own permission to begin. 

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