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September 16, 2021

The secret super power – how to create energy and momentum!

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‘If you look at the people in your circle and don’t get inspired, then you don’t have a circle. You have a cage!’

I am feeling mega energised at the moment – there is four months left in 2021 until we tip toe into 2022.

Remember back in March 2020 when the Covid pandemic escalated out of control? The year 2022 felt like ten years away, and now it is on the horizon. In the UK we are all free, the many lockdowns a distant memory. No one wants to go back to lockdown life, but you can feel many people are stuck in 2020. Waiting for permission to restart their lives.

I am fully embracing the new freedom granted, enjoying the present moment – the year 2021. Back into the swing of life and chasing goals. I love goal chasing; it is a rollercoaster. Highs and lows. Exhilaration and frustration in equal measures. Your goals should challenge and test you, if not they are not big enough.

Between us, I believe I have a secret super power.

Are you ready?

Here it is!

I know how to create energy and momentum.

In this share, I let you into three techniques on how to generate or maintain momentum, ride that wave of possibility and watch your seeds flourish.

Life is a gift, a game and the feeling of being alive is like no other!

To achieve anything in live there are some life hacks, tools and techniques, and some common sense that once you are aware of can propel you forward in life.

It isn’t top secret or even radical, but so many people are overlooking it.

I am here to deliver it on a plate as I want you to achieve your one thing, well multiple one things. Chase down those goals. It has helped me achieve some incredible things.

We are the product of previous struggles and achievements, our future hopes and aspirations, and the people we surround ourselves with.

Form a plan – all for you!

Chunk up what you want to achieve in life into clear actions steps, scheduled into your diary, so you are in control of your goals. You see a clear path of where you are going and hopefully a toolkit ready for any wobbles.

This is only the beginning. You are in your own lane, doing your thing, ticking off your action steps, but there will always be moments when you need a boost. A natural boost to keep your spirits high as the journey to achieve your goals requires consistent results. Or when you are feeling low in energy this boost will inspire you to rest, reset and ‘go again’.

So, when you need a boost, where can you find it and what can you do to maintain the momentum required to seek out your one thing?

1. Find or create your own ‘momentum’ tribe

If you surround yourself with a tribe of like-minded people taking regular action then when they vibe, you vibe. When they achieve their goals and celebrate their wins, you celebrate alongside them and feel the ‘buzz’. And when they struggle or ‘fail’ then you learn from them. They share their journey, warts and all, and everyone is a winner. They receive accountability by declaring their goals, plans and progress – you receive the momentum ripple from their journey.

Create your own tribe – online or in real life through clubs and communities. Celebrate when they do and vibe high. Feel the ripple.

I follow various runners ranging from friends and acquaintances, to Strava followers I’ve collected. From athletes to amateurs. Each in their own lane, sharing the activities online and celebrating when they achieve a goal.

It is infectious.

You see from their Strava upload they completed a run that morning which nudges you to pop on your trainers later on that day. When you see them smash out a goal, it fills you with energy to propel towards your goals. It feels like there is a boomerang full of energy being thrown around the running community which you can bounce off of and use to maintain or create a new surge in your training.

Key Takeaway: What does your tribe look like? If they do not inspire you, you hold the key to the cage – so find or create an inspiring action led tribe.

2. Plant flags on your journey to inspire and guide you

Look back at what you’ve achieved and look forward at where you are going. All your achievements, struggles, hurdles and pivot points have created the present you. They are all flags – beacons of hope – showing if you keep progressing, learning and taking action, you move forward in life.

Without flags ahead, you can suddenly feel unmotivated, a little lost – stranded on your path unsure of your next step.

Look around – there will be someone else who has achieved what you are trying to accomplish. Not 100% the same as you, as you are unique and in your own lane, but they have the next set of flags – a collection of milestones, or natural next steps for you to replicate – fine tune into your own – then use to guide you.

The next time you feel a self doubt wobble or need a momentum boost, look back at all your achievement flags and feel the surge of energy inside you knowing you have overcome some obstacles. Then, as you glance forward to your next flag, you feel the excitement of knowing if you keep progressing, learning and pivoting you will suddenly be so much further forward than you once thought possible.

Key Takeaway: List all your achievements and previous challenges to form flags. Look around, who can you learn from this – create some future flags.

3. When you are vibing high and the energy is flowing, seize the momentum and plant new seeds.

How many of us focus on our one thing – that shiny goal – then when we achieve it we are exhausted and the thought of setting a new goal feels too much. We give ourselves permission to rest for a month, one month off becomes multiple months and the next thing you know you are someone who has achieved only one thing in your life. Your motivation and momentum gone forever, not realising life is a conveyor belt of goals, seeds, all at different stages. As one goal is achieved, you take some time out to rest and reset then glance at your collection of shiny one things. Then the process starts again but with a new focus – a new seed now needs your attention.

How do you plant seeds? When you are feeling energised think what a future you would like to achieve. Look beyond your current one thing – I give you permission. If you are enjoying achieving your current goal – then look for more opportunities and schedule it in for a future you. If you want to achieve something new or different in your life start some research or even simply write it down as a future goal. Use your current energy, vibe and momentum to get excited about the future.

Key Takeaway: Plant some new seeds for when you are feeling low in energy in the future and unmotivated. For when you glance at your future seeds, you will feel hope and excitement.

None of us are here to achieve one thing, but multiple one things. Unlock our endless potential.

When you lead an intention, purpose led life you make your dreams your reality by taking action. You are aware there are moments in life when you will need a boost and you can control your momentum levels. Don’t be a spectator in life, take action today and get inspired.

If you feel you are in a cage, you have the key to the door. Open it today and step into an inspiring world ready for you to chase down your 2022 dreams.

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