September 15, 2021

No words? No Actions? It’s Okay: Here’s how to learn from our Down Days.


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It’s kind of crazy really because in our heads we know what we want to be doing and saying only our body on the other hand is not allowing us to say or do so.

Feeling out of alignment? Feeling unbalanced in so many ways? Drinking way too many coffees than usual? Feeling stuck and confused?

It’s okay.

We can all feel this way from time to time, and it can take a little while to snap right out of this.

But, don’t be hard on yourself—don’t judge yourself for how you feel. Listen to your emotions. If you don’t feel like doing anything or seeing anybody, then don’t.

I have recently made a move from being in a place of serenity to coming back to live in a place of craziness.

I hear cars racing up and down the road, the shops are jam-packed with people running around, and all I hear is people talking about COVID-19. Before, I was living my life in the unknown and honestly not listening to the media. I was really doing my own thing and not focusing on what was going on in the outer world—more or less focusing on my world which I could say was a peaceful world. This made a big impact on my mind, body, and soul.

I understand this can happen to many of us with many changes happening all the time especially with what’s going on in society today!

One thing for sure, in any situation where we need to focus on what’s going on in our own world, don’t forget about yourself. This is the most important thing that we need to take care of. Remember, if we can’t even take care of ourselves, then we sure as h*ll are not going to be able to take care of what’s happening in the world around us—and the people around us.

For example, our move back to this hecticness has set me back slightly with all the things I started doing for myself. I have been caught up in the material world, the illusionary world, and my mind seems to be racing so much more. My body is feeling all the aches and pains. I am even having weird dreams.

I am allowing the energy of others to align with my own—and I am totally out of whack!

Good news alert: I’m totally aware of it.

I usually meditate every day—and to be honest, since the move I haven’t. I haven’t even been able to focus on my own writing, and to make it worse, I have not given my physical body any attention and love whatsoever.

If you are feeling the same way, I totally get it! But this is where now I can look at my own situation and see it as a learning experience.

I question myself.

“Which of the two worlds do I wish to live in? The world of craziness, where I can sit and worry about stuff that’s going on in this world and make myself sick and unhealthy, even though it’s not in my powers to control anything, and become obsessive with the materialist, illusionary world?

Or, do I chose to continue to live my most loving and peaceful world that I created for myself—the world where I accept what is going on around and just allow myself to follow through with what is?”

Guess what? I would much rather live in a peaceful world!

My message to you is, if you do feel that you have no words and no actions—it’s okay. This happens from time to time.

Learn from your own experiences, see the good in what’s happening, why it may be happening, and become more aware of why you feel a certain way. It can be an experience to remind you or to wake you up!

We can create our own peace, no matter what’s going on around us, giving ourselves that silent time within our day to find ourselves again.

Through meditation and mindfulness practices, I will continue to follow through with the things I love to do for myself—I will not allow anything to get in my way.

We are able to do this for ourselves because remember that we are worthy, no matter what trap we may fall into from time to time.

It’s called life.

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