September 15, 2021

Overcoming the Midnight Tide: When Doubt comes Knocking & our Confidence is Smashed to Sh*t.


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The Midnight Tide: how to come back to our center. Aligned, stronger, and your most powerful self.

It’s that specific moment when we just smashed a hot plate onto the floor and all the white walls are splashed with tomato sauce.

In more accurate words, our emotions have been stable all day, our mindset felt positive, real. Stability ruled our morning, and throughout the thousand distractions life threw our way, our vision stood tall and clear.

My morning fuel: meditation, morning affirmations, audios, writing, staring at my reflection, voicing out my vision—ready to go all in.

Then it comes…

The “Midnight Tide”:

That moment when we exhale hope, inhale all the fears straight into the heart, and question if anything is ever possible. 

The Midnight Tide—it stirs up everything inside us. All the stability we built for hours and hours, in seconds, becomes a smashed plate, and we’re dripping in tomato sauce.

Is it possible?

Do I have what it takes?

What if it doesn’t happen?

What if I lose?

Can I do it?

All these jeepers creepers come to life, suck the hope out of us. We question your belief, our faith. 

If we don’t believe we can do it, we won’t do it. It is that simple.

Henry Ford said it best:

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right.”

This Midnight Tide is an opportunity to enforce what we believe, a chance to accept and flow—to know that it is normal to have doubts is what makes it beautiful.

We already live our lives with faith; otherwise, we wouldn’t even ride a cab, bet on love with a stranger, invest, start our own business, fly to places that we have never walked on before, choose a career we hope will fulfill our deepest wants and dreams.

We believe something good, something amazing and extraordinary, will happen. We have a vision, and whether we question it or not, we still go all-in with our hearts and make it happen.

Coming back to our center and reinforcing our beliefs.

Recognize what triggered the jeepers creepers to come and knock on our door.

Maybe we are tired, and our state of mind is not the best. We have all the power to recognize this is only a moment. To say, “I don’t feel my best, and it will pass.”

Breathe it in and out. More often than not, it is now that I unconsciously can recognize I am not feeling my best. I might be feeling fearful, scared, and my beliefs just fell to the ground—temperature below zero.

I can pause and accept it is okay to feel these emotions. Accepting without self-criticizing has been a real challenge.

Giving it Meaning.

Putting our fears and questionings to be of service can be the best way to give them meaning.

What are these feelings and all of these questions trying to tell me? 

Perhaps this is an opportunity to enforce our purpose and our beliefs. 

Is this really what I want, and why do I want it?

Goals and Vision aligned with our beliefs.

The biggest tell for whether our vision and goals align with us is how we feel when we think about them.

Our body, mind, and heart react and create an energy to our thoughts. When we think about our vision, or when we say it out loud, what is the energy we are creating?

Do we feel energized, happy, hopeful? If our posture improves, our shoulders open up, we’re smiling, and we feel good, we have a pinch of magic in our stomach that says we are in alignment with what we want and with our goals. We are creating energy that reflects we will achieve it, and it is possible. We know it will happen for us.

On the contrary, if we think about our vision or talk about it, and our energy drops—we feel uncertain, something in our stomach feels uneasy (our shoulders might be slouching or our face might reflect fear and concern)—we are not in alignment with what we want.

We are then creating an energy that reflects we don’t believe we can achieve this or that it won’t happen. In simpler words: we don’t believe. Or we don’t really want that.

The next time Midnight Tide hits us with creepers, let’s open up to the possibilities of what these moments can teach us.

We can choose to reinforce our beliefs, give these doubts a meaning, a purpose, and confirm our vision and goals align with what we say we want. We can let the universe receive our energy and give us, in abundance, what we truly, truly want.

We have the power to learn, relearn, and unlearn what doesn’t serve us. It is possible for us to create a symphony of absolutely amazing possibilities.

A miraculous symphony of creation and abundance. A God-given inner peace that comes from knowing what we want and going all-in for it.

The only average is the one we’ve learned from watching other people play small and dim their light. We are greatness and divine richness. We are miracles that impact the whole world, and there is no denying it.

Creating, every single day, that reality we thought was only a dream before. It is our f*cking rightful place in this universe.

We are not programmed; we are destined to be.

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Read 16 comments and reply

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