September 20, 2021

This is for the Sensitive Souls: You’re not Alone.

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Reclaiming Your Voice in a Dismissive World

If you were born as a sensitive soul, with strong intuition, as a child you might have been aware that you were different.

You grew and adjusted to the energy you absorbed and flowed through you to calibrate to your surroundings.

If you were born into an environment where your energy and intuitive voice were not welcomed but dismissed, that part of you might have slowly diminished and stole away into a small room in the back of your heart.

Your intuitive voice over time became discarded, abandoned, and mostly forgotten.

But the body, soul, and heart still felt the energy permeating from that faraway locked room.

You go through life, and there’s a struggle to fit in.

You mold yourself in a way that you’re able to fit in with some semblance of comfort.

But still, you might feel like an outsider.

You tell yourself there’s something wrong with you and your intuitive voice is a deficiency—a weakness.

You can’t be weak in this chaotic world of uncertainty.

You run. You hide. You think the struggle is coming from the outside world, but the struggle is coming from the truth that is within you. Pushing, knocking, not letting you settle for less than who you are.

The voice of your own truth—the voice of your own value struggling, shouting, pleading from behind the door to be heard, released, and reclaimed.

Then there comes a time in your life when you stand at a crossroad. And sometimes, many crossroads.

You can no longer avoid the energy, the power, the truth of the voice you keep hearing, and you finally listen and walk toward the sound; you walk toward the energy.

As you get closer, you start feeling excited. Memories of who you are start activating.

A resonance of your truth starts to overtake all the shadows, the darkness, the pretending of being someone you are not.

With courage, you unlock that room.

Going through the contents of who you are, you dress in the armor of your own truth and value.

You’ve come home.

You’ve come home to yourself and your whole body breathes with a sigh of relief.

Your voice now becomes assured, calm, strong. Not in a forceful way, but gentle, knowing, confident, in a beautiful way.

Your voice is no longer struggling like it’s stuck in the middle of your throat. It easily moves through your physical body, and the energy of your soul and spirit permeates every wave in the sound of your voice.

The sound of your truth. Your value. Projecting forth the gift you came to give to the chaos.

The sound of healing moving through you, and out of your mouth flows rivers of living water from the depths of your well to those who have ears and hearts to hear.

Life becomes a wonder—full of synchronicities.

No longer do you look for validation from the outside, but know you are connected to the validation that’s always been there inside you.

You are not alone.

You have never been alone.

Welcome to reclaiming your voice!



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Read 3 comments and reply

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