October 4, 2021

Growth, Patience & Balance: What to Expect During Libra Season.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Theme: allowing ourselves the space to evolve and try different methods of connecting and living as we come into balance and harmony within.

The energy is moving quite quickly these days, so deliberately creating space for ourselves to be in stillness is essential.

The current energy also calls for letting go of old ways of thinking and revisiting lessons from the past that are ready to be released. At the same time, we may feel as though we are in a forward motion, moving quickly toward the state in which we wish to reside.

There is confusion between the two, pulling us in different directions, although all will become clearer as the week goes on. This week seems calmer than prior weeks, and with the Libra New Moon (October 6th), we may feel a sense of indecisiveness within our thoughts. This could look like trying to decipher whether our beliefs are true or false, what we want or don’t want, and figuring out where our energy should be focused.

This is not the week to overwork ourselves but instead step back from what may be occupying our time and minds, so let’s drop down into our bodies for a well-needed rest. Allowing ourselves to feel comfortable in the in-between and remembering our worthiness even when we are resting from our work are both big themes right now.

Becoming who we know we are at our core should be the focus moving into the new year, so taking these next few months and particularly this week to prepare for the energies that are coming in will be a great asset.

This can be done by becoming clear of who we are at a soul level and what we want to share with those we connect with. Is it love, leadership, compassion, respect, courage, or all the above? What does this look like for us concerning others and ourselves? Whatever our core being is called to act upon, right now is a great time to practice living fully in that mindset and heart space.

Becoming focused on ourselves and how we want to show up in this life can be a priority over what our reputation is deemed to be. Work is an excellent means and tool to establish our career and lifestyle. However, it is just as important to focus on the areas where play and social experience can benefit our personal growth, specifically with understanding what foundations we’d like to build connections upon.

All these themes of coming into balance are no surprise as we sit through the Libra season. However, as we get closer to its end, we will become more grounded in who we are and how to move forward in particular endeavors, including connections and in our work.

The remainder of the year will allow us to sit with it in practice. Hence, holding patience and kindness for ourselves while our soul emerges into the occurring growth is essential.

Collectively, there is still the energy of uncertainty. Although we don’t know how our world will operate in the months to come, it seems that our focus should be on ourselves and what it is we can control right now—putting attention toward how we want to balance our inner selves with our outer reality. This energy will be prevalent in the weeks to come.

Again, balance. Remembering that we are also in need of our own time and attention. Stillness and reframing self-talk will be excellent tools moving into the Scorpio season (October 28th), so getting a head start on incorporating those practices could be of benefit.

This week may be a great time to start being a witness to our own thoughts and energy.



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