October 2, 2021

The 8 Types of Love we’ll probably Experience in our Lifetime.

Did you know there are many different types of love?

The Canadian psychologist John Allen Lee was the one who invented the color wheel theory of love that describes the styles of love using Latin words.

But do we need someone to tell us that love doesn’t fit into one category? We’re all lovers in one way or another. We love people, pets, ideas, movies, forms, places, and so on. There are types of love that are flimsy, while others are stable and resilient. Some are long-lasting, while others are short-lived. Some are fulfilling, while others are hurtful.

And we don’t love the same way twice. The way we love our current pet might be totally different than the way we’ll love the pet coming after them. The emotions we felt 10 years ago with someone might never resurface again.

That said, no matter how many words we try to give love, at the end of the day, this inexplicable experience is constantly changing, yet forever abiding at the same time.

Here are the eight types of love we’ll probably experience in our lifetime:

1. Playful love (Ludus).
2. Obsessive love (Mania).
3. Erotic love (Eros).
4. Enduring love (Pragma).
5. Friendship love (Philia).
6. Familial love (Storge).
7. Self-love (Philautia).
8. Selfless love (Agape).

This six-minute video explains what each one means:



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