September 27, 2021

57 Words from Frida Kahlo that flawlessly Explain Love.


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No one can perfectly describe love.

Sometimes it’s bittersweet; other times it’s extraordinary. Sometimes we lose it; other times we find it. The only time we can truly speak about love is when we are in the midst of it, with the person who makes our soul tremble.

And though I always fail to explain this weird feeling of belonging, sometimes I find words that comfort my curiosity. Some of these words came from Frida Kahlo’s heart, who had loved and lost more than (probably) the most of us.

She loved so hard and painted harder. She couldn’t contain her love for Diego, so she expressed it through writing poetry, letters, and painting.

Frida wrote Diego so many letters that hold deep significance. Her love letters show us the ups and downs of love, its depth, and its chaos. Today I came across a letter from Frida to Diego, which I haven’t read before. It’s a long one, but a particular paragraph caught my attention. It was found in The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait.

“It’s not love, or tenderness, or affection; it’s life itself, my life, that I found when I saw it in your hands, in your mouth, and in your breasts. I have the taste of almonds from your lips in my mouth. Our worlds have never gone outside. Only one mountain can know the core of another mountain.”

Maybe love is indeed life itself—beyond emotions. Maybe love endures distance, and even after years and years of separation, we can still feel the taste of our lover’s lips. Maybe, as Frida said, “Only one mountain can know the core of another mountain.”

What does love mean to you? Share in the comments.



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