October 29, 2021

Halloween & Scorpio Season: Which is Scarier?


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Scorpio Season has arrived!

Halloween decorations, cobwebs, and creepy ghouls are appearing in the neighbours’ windows.

This time of year tests my mettle.

The keywords that come to mind for Scorpio energy are secrets, passion, and intensity, plunging into our psychological depth—death, rebirth, and regeneration.

It sounds like the perfect setting for Halloween and a challenge for our mental health if we allow ourselves to stop long enough to peer into the darkness and to feel and listen, but it is not for the fainthearted.

In a society where we try to quell the uncomfortable emotions, do we have the courage to speak the unspoken and feel the gifts that this season of intensity offers?

I’m well and truly going to put on my seatbelt as it looks like I’m in for a bumpy ride.

Last night, I had a cliffhanger of a dream.

It took me a few cups of tea, a chocolate brownie, and a walk around the park to shake it. I’m guessing we’ve all had a similar dream, right?

I don’t usually remember my dreams. However, last night was different.

I’m not a fan of horror. I choose not to live in fear and believe worry is a waste of time. Thanks to my subconscious, all the above emotions were neatly interwoven into an epic, gut-wrenching plummet down a rock face toward a frozen and uninviting mud-coloured lake.

Feeling responsible for everyone’s safety, I swerved miraculously, guiding the overburdened, old banger of a car toward the ascent to the top of the mountain.

For a moment, I was distracted by the indigo sky, sprinkled with so many stars. Then, back in the driver’s seat, I gripped the wheel back on Earth, trying to keep my family safe.

You can do this” was the message.

Anyone who can relate to this terror feels overwhelmed with responsibility, whether emotional, financial, or mental.

You can do this too; you are not alone.

Look up to the sky when you are not driving and change your perspective.

Feel the expansion and possibility to transform.

Be open, walk, talk, connect, and ask for help.

And if that doesn’t work, treat yourself to a chocolate brownie and a walk in nature.

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