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October 26, 2021

Morning Coffee

I have been accused of spiritual conceit. To a certain extent this is true. It is part of a certain process that must be endured.

Part of the ‘spiritual conceit’ awareness seems to be realizing on one hand the power of what is being demanded, but that also that there are no points falling off in realization of what is being asked.

Think about that last line for a second..

It’s a balance.

In fact, all of life is a balance when seen in true retrospect: there is a ‘null point’ where one side is fruition, the other perdition; it is One’s job to maintain The Center.

Sages and scribes have spoken and written about this for millennia, but there have been no definitive points of departure from the norm elucidated for mass consumption, nor should there be without deep internal introspection

The “Point of Wisdom” is also known as a “moment of clarity”.

It is profound and memorable yet fleeting and flighty – overlook or ignore the moment, it flies away; yet grasping upon it also designs disappearance

There will always be a Hitler, Goebbels or Himmler in our time, however they all have one thing in common – they capture imagination and fears in some by what I call “creative manipulation”.

Let’s face facts here without judgement: there are ‘sheep’ and there are those who lead them to slaughter for their own nefarious needs, be it financial or egoistic.

The problem is one of courage to stand up for ones own convictions, asking questions and delving into the matter of being.

This takes actual work and I think we’re just all lazy, which is why we allow these dictators and manipulators to rule our world.

Look around – do you like what you see in your city/town/world/atmosphere/air/water?

Are you going to blame it on someone else like those manipulators do, or are you going to have the courage to step up and take responsibility for your actions upon the world, lesser or greater as they may be?

Stop throwing candy wrappers or cigarette butts out your car window.



Others not only saw what you did, but it works to your inner self as well.

If you go above and beyond by simply picking up that trash, putting it in the nearest refuse container WITHOUT COMMENT TO THE OFFENDER, this speaks volumes even more.

This is how you change the world people.

One small act of kindness or wisdom at a time

If what has been elucidated here is spiritual conceit, then so be it and it is owned.

If you have found these insights truthful, bring them into your life; if not, let them be

These are simple observations and experiences gained over time, or so I have been told.


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