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October 26, 2021

New Age Colonization

We’re on the horizon

Of the evolution

Of discrimination

The great divide

Between vaccination and non-immunization

No longer separation

Of skin tone

No longer by religion

No longer separation by region

Best friends become estranged companions

Through default of dissident and popular opinions

Families disown, split into fractions

Families remain in confusion and dissolution

As morgues sign with pens of manipulation

Leaving death certificates of reclassification

Accompanied by unreliable PCR testing

Used as weaponization

Creating numbers of inflation

Controlling the narration

Guarding revelations

Using medics as unknown pawns

Within this illusion

As we’re all kept naive

Through compartmentalization

Burying our vision

By the onslaught

Of our very own spiked emotions

Refusal of administration

To this mystic liquid solution

Equals one’s liquidation

A declination

Met by a battalion of condemnation

Humiliation and alienation

Technological exclusion

Blocking any future navigation

Becoming an omission to civilization

A justification

Over ruled

By the convinced population of sheeple


By these globalists’ collusion of persuasion

Where selling out your neighbour

Will be soon paid in commission

This new jurisdiction

Gives way to our self-oppression

Continuing further construction

Of the one world nation

Feeding ideas of pollution

Into our starving minds of malnutrition

Swallowing limitations disguised as liberations

Coerced through our addictions

To these endless distractions

Heedlessly contributing to the new age colonization

Division is the antidote to revolution.

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