October 9, 2021

Welcoming in the Dominant Feminine by saying “Goodnight” to the Distorted Masculine. 



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It’s been an intense period as of late.

It feels like everything is going at 100 miles per hour, yet at the same time standing still. Emotions, feelings, and thoughts all have a magnifying glass over them. In the outer world, energetically, things seem different too.

The air seems filled with apprehensiveness and a lot of excitement—the type of energy felt prior to a big event such as having a baby or getting married.

I’ve found myself in an observer mood: one eye on my inner world and the other watching global events unfold. This space is quite lovely. It’s quiet, peaceful, and extremely captivating. It’s truly incredible the things I missed when I was aggrieved at the world.

My perspective has altered—I’m more understanding, I don’t view things as either good or bad, and I just allow things to be whatever they are.

These past few days have been a little different. I’ve been triggered by an old wound, a wound I’ve healed a hundred times over.

I sat with it, rediscovered the roots, and explored it—only to discover this persistent scar was actually healed. Healing wasn’t the reason it was surfacing. I was being reminded of the pain. The pain I inflicted onto others and the pain inflicted onto me.

I was taken out of my blissful observer comfort zone and into one where action was required. I just wasn’t sure where or what to take it on.

I found myself mentally running through scenarios trying to decide what theoretical action I would take—”they do or say this” and “I do or say that” type of thing.

Quickly, I was in a space where it was about right or wrong again (mainly, my need to be right and to win the argument). I was trying to control, and my toxic masculinity was at the forefront.

I had to shift my focus, so rather than list my desired response to every single situation that may occur over the span of my lifetime, I decided to explore things through an energetic lens.

The Feminine and Masculine energy archetypes helped here—especially in relation to the part of us who takes action. This is typically something our masculine side does. Our female energy feels and processes, then passes that information on to the male energy so appropriate action to be taken.

While it’s easier said than done, this process is the holy grail of both sets of energies working in perfect harmony. The keyword being “appropriate action.”

The most common energy I see is that of the distorted masculine. It makes sense that the wounded feminine energy is largely held internally when it emerges rarely. We don’t see this play out on a global scale—it’s typically more covert energy and will manifest as codependent with a lack of personal power and self-love.

The distorted masculine, on the other hand, is anything but discreet. It screams, “I’m hurting, so I’m going to make everyone else hurt and I’ll take your power whilst I’m at it.”

It’s interesting to watch this play out—not just the archetypal energy, but the reaction to it from others. Few people respond and most people (like me) just observe. This is the energy that has been used for centuries to incite fear into the masses losing its power and we’ve got a front-row seat.

The thing that makes it compulsive viewing is that the vehicles used to deliver this energy just keep going—now feeding on occasional scraps of energy, which seems to come from the distorted feminine.

The nature of this distorted energy means it will always look at the material world to confirm its validity, which, as of today, it does. But the underlying energy tells a different story.

I think most of us will have been, at some point, guilty of projecting distorted energy. I consider myself rooted in feminine energy, but I’ve been guilty of many displays of toxic masculinity, and I believe this is the reason I’m being triggered to act: I’ve processed the pain and shame, I’ve observed, and it’s finally time to transcend.

This timing is aligned on the world stage. It feels like we are in the middle of the final purge of this toxic energy, but it’s not going down without a fight. Chests are being puffed and many toys are being ejected from prams.

On the surface, horrific power games are being played, but when we look below, we will see they have no charge.

It seems to me that the vehicles still insistent on delivering this energy will be the last to realise this. Energetically, this battle has already won. It’s up to us to bring this into reality.

Just like the masculine era, this new dawn of feminine dominant energy brings its own shadow. Perhaps this explains the excitement and apprehension in the air. There are no guarantees of a golden era. We are on the trajectory we are on, neither good nor bad, it simply is.

However, we do get to choose how we experience this. I feel the less pain out there the better for everyone, so maybe it’s time for us all to stop watching and take appropriate action. Your heart will tell you what that is.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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