October 14, 2021

Why we Need to Renew our “Faulty Lenses” from Childhood.

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Growing up, we were preached from the pulpit to pray for eyesalve so that we could see the blessings and lessons from God. 

I was born into a religious family that gave me a good foundation for life lessons.

Over the years, I would consider these words.

In my younger years, I thought eyesalve meant putting ointment onto the eyes to heal them.

With time, the message was about having insight into the truths behind “what was happening.” After years of learning about the subconscious and how we create layers of lies and stories to keep ourselves in a state of perceived safety, it has come to mean more.

Let’s start with another aspect. The way our subconscious creates our illusional reality. As infants, we hear, see and feel how the world around us operates. We develop ideas and concepts of how we fit in the family unit and who is on our side and able to keep us safe, fed, and provide a sense of security, love, nurture, and connection. The combination of these creates our sense of worthiness and identity.

But this is the dichotomous state. Those who we consider demigods—our parents and elder siblings—operate from their fear and limited sight, creating a perpetuation of “not feeling enough.” Those who we believe should be looking after us, protecting, guiding, standing up for us, and showing us love, are the ones who struggle the most.

Why? We innately believe the family unit is our safe zone to be ourselves and share the good, bad, and the ugly. Unfortunately, for many of us, we experience more bad and ugly than good and loving. Their point of view, the way they see themselves and life, was damaged, creating an inaccurate, fractured vision.

A recent reflection on the beginning of a prayer, “Please give me the insight to see,” makes a lot more sense.

We need to heal our eyesight, to see beyond the scares, the fractures, the blurred images created by the pain, wrongs, and misleading affections that make us believe we are not enough—when in truth, we are still perfect beings trapped behind the broken lens.

Early explanations describe how the subconscious creates lenses and filters. So it makes sense to clean, heal, or remove the faulty lenses—to develop accurate vision, see our truths, our actual worth, and find the diamond hiding behind life’s living experiments. The challenge, though, is how?

How does one get into their subconscious to clean, repair, or replace these filters? As with all things, there are many ways. We can take the long way with auto-suggestion, self-help books, and convince ourselves it isn’t us, but all of them. But this perpetuates the “not my problem” mindset when the problem is in our self-perception. No, we didn’t knowingly create it, but it is still there.

We can fake it until we make it, but anxiety and internal friction are not worth it.

Other robust processes include meditations, prayer, and drifting into the subconscious with the vibration that shifts, heals, and changes the frequency of our body, thoughts, and feelings. Tools include subliminal music, mantras, and other devices that create a vibrational change state.

My favorite is hypnotic subconscious work. A trained practitioner guides the client to the originating story or the focus issue’s line of events. Depending on the tools used in the hypnotic state, it is possible to clean the filter’s story, replace the lies with truths of self-love, and pack the cracks with divine love and peace. We then create the tri-factor of inner healing to live authentically: on-purpose life from a place of love, deeper connection, and confidence.

For some, this could be too scary. Knowingly challenging the historical story one still lives is hard. I get it. There is much temptation to stay in the familiar, do what is familiar, and hang out with people who will support the story from the past. But, if we are yearning for a more fulfilling life with purpose, we want to give back, love, connect, and be content; the place to start is with ourselves.

If we feel unfulfilled, challenged, smaller than we would prefer, and not our true selves, then we are likely ripe for the transition of healing to liberate and reclaim our life. 

We have an opportunity to declare how our life will be from this point on, refining it with time, and practice. We claim our birthright for love, a deep connection with all that is, and share with others along the way from this profound state. To see beyond others’ behavior, hurts, projections, and armor. Seeing their truth, that they, too, are love, hiding under layers of life’s hurts and disappointments. That they, too, are doing the best they can, with the skill and fears they are attempting to live behind.

We can expand our ability to see ourselves through a different lens, and others around us make more sense, easing the frustration, pain, and triggers. Who doesn’t want this?

Who’s ready to clean our inner vision so we can see our reality from a different lens? One of love, peace, joy, contentment, confidence, and the skills to navigate future challenges with greater integrity?


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