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October 15, 2021

You Don’t Need Instagram to be a Healer

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

I took the recent hiatus Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn took as validation to my prediction that the world will eventually look up from their phones, and glossy profiles.

I haven’t had Facebook in about a year, and Instagram in about a month and a half… and here’s the shocker: I have an online business!

In an effort to prove alignment is more powerful than an algorithm, I took my happy ass off both platforms and continue to be an energetic match to solving problems through my marketing skillset and the same (or more) amount of money every month.

Does this mean I’m telling you you can get the F off things you hate? Yes!

You gotta know your energy is flatlining if you aren’t in love with the action, right?

And, if you can give yourself back the hours you spend thinking a client will dance through your DMs, or just the sheer amount of time the platform eats out of your day – what could that be like?

Whether you operate a business online or not, here’s the skinny: you can serve the world without Instagram (or Facebook, or insert TikTok-y thing here.)

In fact, the Universe, God, Source, Divine, Angels (insert other name here) may actually want you in your body, not on a screen talking to the human’s around you.

Let’s break it down:

  1. You may need to be healing yourself. Which means less screen-time more me-time, more journaling, more writing.. or maybe actual focus in the work you are doing, especially if you have a full plate.
  2. You may need to be serving your immediate family, or the human’s under your roof.
  3. You may need to frolic around your town, or neighborhood and spread real-life joy.
  4. You may just need to have FUN, and not worry so much what the other avatar’s are putting on their avocado toast.
  5. Lastly, you may be an example to other’s that they can live prosperously, and happily off the grid (like me).

It’s weird that we’ve associated directly that serving people means hitting “go live” on our Instagram apps.

It does not.

You can heal others through your vibration alone. Through walking through the grocery store, or through supporting online businesses without guilt.

You can heal others by writing articles.

You can heal others by healing you.

And last, but 100% not least, you can also let yourself off the hook from healing anyone at all, and go play in the grass.

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