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November 30, 2021

falling from grace

Waves of anger and restriction wash over my body as if they come from the unknown sources of  Heavens above. Why is life so painful? So complicated? Why is there so much greed? Love of power and control? Why can’t we live in harmony with nature and with the very source that gave us this life?

Observing current states of our world, the man-made noose tightens and reclaims it’s grip around the necks our people. Playing God is a dangerous game, even in the hands of existence herself.

At what point did we fall from Grace? At what point did we learn to ignore our body’s innate intelligence and give power to the minds outside of ourselves? At what point did we surrender our souls to a fabricated system built by the hands of wounded men?

As we continue on in the age of darkness — the Iron Age. The Kali Yuga. We can only ignore the callings of our ancestors for so long, as they rip through our ecosystems like untamed hurricanes and leave us stripped and bare with only the essentials pooling in our hearts.

Love. Connection. Earth. Community. We re-member we are visitors on this land. We re-member we all came with a unique purpose — a unique blueprint that only we know how to master. That only we know hoe to follow.

This is our work. This is our purpose. This is our mission.

Wherever you are on your journey, thank you for being here. Thank you for choosing this time with billions of souls to hold the ground and carry us through the Ages. Thank you for being a bearer of light in what only feels like a tunnel of darkness. Thank you for being apart of one of the ripest times in history.. for we have arrived.

We are the medicine. We are the cure. We are the answer.
This is the New Earth.

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