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November 1, 2021

Design Your Life – What is Your Playlist?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.

In summer 2020, I travelled around Europe after the UK Covid Lockdown 1.0 eased. I developed a daily mindful practice, triggered by music.

When I successfully arrived in a new country, or city, I would allow myself to enjoy that feeling of ‘you are doing this’.  The feeling which signalled that I was living my dream, of spending a summer travelling Europe with a loose plan.

The ‘trigger’ song was always the same.  It was uplifting and sassy.  I would automatically feel a bit bold the minute I heard the first lyrics flood in through the earphones.

The ‘you are doing this’ song was Underdog by Alicia Keys.

As I walked through new streets with the sunshine on my face, the sense of adventure awaiting, considering what new stories were waiting to be told. Experiencing all the first day vibes; The smells as you walk past the local cafes, the local sights catching your eye and making you pause. All to the background music of Alicia Keys.

I believe music can be used as a trigger to control your mind and thoughts.

I pretty much live my travel life with the same music playlist on repeat.  Within the playlist is a collection of songs to trigger everyday emotions – can you relate to any?

·         Focus – for travel days when I need to be somewhere for a specific time and not forget anything important,

·         Triumphant – when I manoeuvre the rules, timetables, and maze of information to arrive in a new country,

·         Energised – as an early morning runner I sometimes need to nudge my mind to signal we are running even though I feel tired,

·         Soothe – when feeling a bit weird, anxious or overly sensitive,

·         Grateful – I played a particular song near the end of my trip as a reminder this wasn’t forever.  It was always ‘Are you with me’ by Lost Frequency.  Whenever I played it, I trained my mind to stop and be present. As this would soon be a beautiful memory.

The mind and music working together are powerful.  Music can excite and calm us, and connect us to our feelings – past and present.. Our heart rate and breathing will speed up or slow down to become one with the music.

The emotion of the music is reflected in the body and mind. In our expressions. We are tricking or conditioning our minds to switch emotional state effortlessly. We can transfer the uplifting feelings associated with past events to the music, so when the music is heard again we are reminded of the event and attached feelings.

It is a hack to lift your vibe or even calm your mind.


What is the playlist to your life? Start creating it today – what are you waiting for!

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