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November 13, 2021

How to let the creativity flow

Photo by Aleksandr Neplokhov on Pexels.

I’ve been reading the creative bible ‘The Artists Way’ by the inspiring, and legendary, Julia Cameron. I pick it up, read a little, pop it down, ponder, then repeat this process. The truest impact of a bible. The words on the page, years of wisdom packaged up for us to take forward into our own lives.

A concept explained in the ‘creative bible’ which I’ve warmed to is the artist date. Julia describes an artist date as a way to devote time to your creative self. A solo activity. I think I’ve been enjoying these types of dates for years, not realising the need and purpose of them.

An artists date is anything you find enjoyable and stimulating. Artist dates fire up the imagination. They encourage play and feed our creative work by filling us with inspiration. They are a means to open yourself up to insight, inspiration and guidance.

It seems so simplistic. Just you, the scheduled time for your date and the activity of choice. Like an adult play date – where you are the only guest. Julia recommends it is weekly, for perhaps two hours. But that is a guide.

It allows you to reconnect with you. Listen to the inner knowing, the whispers we might miss as we bumble through life – distracted. Distracted by the day to day chores and moving onto the next thing on our ‘to do’ list.

In 2020, I introduced a daily meditation practice into my life. Undertaken first thing in the morning for 20 minutes each day.

Between my meditation practice and regular artist dates I feel I tune into me more. I remove myself from the distractions. I listen to what I want and need from the world. It provides the space and environment for my imagination to wander and find. Find what it needs to find to provide back the insights which leads to my next move. It feeds my creativity practice.

When we are constantly in a doing, action oriented, state we can miss the signs. Signs that might lead us onto another path, provide an insight or guide a breakthrough.

Life is a game. Your goals, achievements, and reality are the product of a number of moves, or action steps, taking you forward in life.

The artist date is your escape. You become free to play, be curious, imagine and discover. Your creativity will thrive as a result.

Artist dates are the lifeline to allow the creativity in you and around, to flow. So what are you waiting for, schedule one in with you and let the creativity flow.

Here are some of my favourites, but remember it should be unique to you.

Recently I spent a few hours wandering a truly inspiring Sculpture Park, called Jupiter Artland, near Edinburgh. The combination of the nature landscape, blue sky autumn day and, of course, the most unique sculptures – some of which made me stop and exclaim wow – brought so much joy and fun to my day. I felt inspired, my mind free.

On a regular basis I jump on my bike and cycle, along the canal, or river, or nature infused bike cycle paths. Usually with a podcast or playlist switched on. My mind and body free. Free to expand and join the dots. These dots usually lead to my next creative breakthrough.

How would you spend an artists date? Even deciding on what your artists date will be allows your creativity to explode.

Ask yourself – “what sounds playful?” – Then slot in a date with YOU. I promise you will have fun, I did

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