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November 2, 2021

Samhain; a poem for us all

Born of a cell, of two that met

A dance of DNA creates what we lack

Years unseen, 9 months in fact

Growing and shifting in the darkness of space

Sunlight absorbed through secondary means

Darkness is seen as the world we have known

Forgotten we have of the beauty of birth

The spaces between this realm and the death

In utero absorbing the energies amuck

No wonder so many simply feel stuck

The wounds of your Mother, your Father and more

They rest in your femurs, your hands and your heart

A choice is given upon first breath

Continue in vein or face the pain

Years progress, experiences gained

Patterns are struck, engrained in the brain

This day please rise with truth at your feet

The words of the world lay to rest in your bones

Whispers of stories, tales and of myths,

Lore that is shared speaks truths of its own

Tales kept secret flow through your very bones

Breathe into your lungs, your soul and your cells

Awaken within you the changes you seek

Break free from the shackles that simply do not speak.

The patterns within are a combination of our own and our ancestors.  It is important to understand your history and where your blood lines come from.  I hope this will take you to places unexplored so that it may reveal more of your lineage.

It is healing within that provides healing outside, as within as without.  As you heal you break the timelines of patterns existent within the family lines.



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