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November 30, 2021

Shifting of the Ages

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As the Ages shift and turn, we have no choice but to shift with them. The world of hierarchy and rank crumbles in the face of billions of souls while a new world is being silently birthed in the Ether. Discomfort, pain and fear of the unknown washes over the collective like a watercourse wave and we are left raw — stripped of our illusions.

These times are turbulent and unstable. The foundations of our current climate are deconstructing and the veil in which we were conditioned to wear is thin. Our ways of distraction become potentless against the power of the cosmic clock and we are forced to feel the isness of our wounds in their purest form. Inescapable. When will this end? Or, when will the new begin?

Every single one of us chose this life. Chose our parents, chose our family, chose these bodies and chose this exact time in history to be carried through the stars and into the womb of our Mothers.. we knew we were needed. We knew we had the job of the Gods at hand.

Our work in this incarnation is to go deep into the unknown realms of healing. Deep into the unseen aspects of life so we can find the clarity we need to speak our truth and live out our souls purpose. Our work is to listen to our inner knowing — the knowing that is innately connected to our Ancestors and that has been buried under infinite layers of wounds and repression. Our work is to drop from the head to the heart and allow the mastery of our soul to guide us to our Truth..

Our work is to heal. To heal through the ancient lineages of the ones who have attained; to breathe deeper, to eat purer, to honour the silence within and to re-awaken our senses to the natural world. To re-claim our sensitivities. To re-member who we truly are. This is the quest of the seekers.

And as the celestial calendar turns it’s page, the door to a new Age opens. An age where we become the nourishment of the Earth, the medicine of our people and the very teachings that we were once taught. An Age where we are free in our hearts and crystal clear in our minds. An age where love becomes our collaborated force, where intuition is our chosen guide and where community becomes our sole anchor into the unknowable systems of life.

The Age of Aquarius.

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