November 15, 2021

Taurus Full Moon & the Lunar Eclipse: Unearthing Self-Love in Times of Change.


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed

The end of 2021 is fast approaching.

This year brought us more of what we are already familiar with, though perhaps not always comfortable in: tumultuous shifts, episodic confusion, and detours and reroutes bent on liberation of self—even in moments of unperceived forward movement.

This year has been yet another condensed, amplified, accelerated, and perhaps unexpected year of change by the more limited mind’s eye.

But the soul vision has seen many of the changes coming and those that are still yet to come. Perhaps you recently moved homes. Ended a job. Started a new career. Exited a relationship. Began a new one. Shifts and changes have brought us to where we are now, changes we have chosen to actively engage with or perhaps ones set in motion by the wisdom of the universe.

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Not all changes feel good. Change can feel frightening, threatening, and confusing as we navigate the various emotions of grief and the process of letting go. We often don’t know what the next step will bring until we’re in it. This last quarter of the year has felt like walking backward in the dark blindfolded. Impossible? No. Uncomfortable, disorienting, and challenging? Absolutely.

We have been trying to find a light in the darkness for some time now—some morsel of hope, a remembrance of this inner light that shines within. Whatever personal circumstance or inner waters we have been navigating, we may still be feeling like the solution keeps slipping out of our hands like sand, that it keeps morphing and changing. Because maybe, just maybe, the lesson isn’t in finding our way out just yet, but in who are we becoming through the deep, transformative process of discomfort, pain, confusion, and growth. Not the answer we want, I know.

We have made changes—for some, they have been big, sweeping changes. We’ve been clearing out old energetic ties to the past to make space for what’s to come, even if our vision of the future hasn’t solidified just yet. Give credit where credit is due: to yourself, to your brave, resilient, courageous self for closing the door to the outdated chapter you were in.

And, yes, I know you hoped and prayed that more energetic cords within yourself would magically and miraculously be removed as you embarked upon these changes. But how would that be teaching you anything about your power?

These dynamic, energetic times have asked us many things, such as: where have we given away our power, and how can we invite more of our innate power back into our energy fields? Perhaps we’ve given our power away to addictions or substances, to codependent relationships, or to technology and social media. Anything that feels as if it has power over us or our conscious engagement with it begs us to question our willing participation in this power depletion.

This is Scorpio energy—a fixed water sign—which we have been in, along with the sun, for the last few weeks, and which we will stay in until November 21, just two days after the full moon and lunar eclipse.

The full moon and lunar eclipse is landing at 27 degrees of the earthy sign of Taurus on November 19, 2021 at 1:57 a.m. MST. This heralds the beginning of eclipse season. We will have a solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4.

Eclipse season (if approached in a fear-minded, doomsday kind of way) usually gets toted as a chaotic, tumultuous, and emotionally turbulent time. Eclipse season can certainly amplify energies and show us where we may be resisting the changes already underway. Can this make our emotions a little more topsy-turvy? Absolutely. But we are the only ones responsible for our emotions and reactions to any and all energies. Nothing outside of us, not even cosmic influences (unless given our power to do so), can have that amount of influence over us.

This is the overarching lesson in unconscious or conscious use of any tool (astrology, spiritual practices, belief systems, or psychology). Are we being used by it, or are we using it consciously and with awareness? Power over or power within?

Again, this is Scorpio energy, ruled by Pluto—it’s a deeper invitation to see what’s hovering below the surface of our unconscious desires and motivations. As full moons can help us cultivate awareness in ourselves, we can begin to see what has been driving our most innate behaviors, emotions, and reactions. It gives us a chance to see the underbelly of why we act and behave the way we do.

Taurus energy brings in a dose of self-kindness and self-value. It gives us a chance to illuminate ourselves with truth in kind and self-loving ways, if we so choose it. Scorpio energy has shown us our deepest attachments to people, places, things, habits, patterns, and ways of operating and believing. And Scorpio energy can have a death grip on these attachments—if we feel that a part of us will die without them. On some level, we know this not to be true, but it can absolutely feel like a death of self if our identification with those attachments has been well-practiced for decades.

Eclipses usher in an acceleration of timelines; they offer a deeper invitation to move us forward with the benevolence of the universe always wanting what is for our greatest good, even if that manifests as either a gentle or hard kick in the behind.

With the sun in Scorpio, alongside Mars (the planet of action) and Mercury (ruling the mind and communication), we are getting a heavy dose of this transformative energy. Perhaps we have been letting our fears run the show and take control of our minds and our choices. Maybe we have been leaking our own energy or willingly giving our energy and power to things or people outside of us.

Scorpio energy invites us to look at our dynamics with ourselves and others, to see where we need to place more boundaries and come back into our own power. Whatever fears arise when we imagine taking back our power from relationships, that’s where the inner work can deepen. What beliefs are governing us that may not actually be serving or empowering us or others?

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This Taurus full moon invites us to deepen our relationship to our own inner sense of value and self-love.

To call back our power from depleting sources. To cease the outsourcing and further depletion of our own energy, and instead give that nourishment back to ourselves so we can better serve our world from a fully fed energetic stance. If fear begs us to question whether this is selfish, perhaps there’s another unconscious belief we need to unearth.

We are continuing in the process of deep transformation. Of calling our power and energy back into our sovereignty. Of rooting ourselves more deeply than maybe we ever have in our life. Of building our foundation of value and self-worth—so that we will no longer need to participate in lower vibrations to get our needs met. We will be meeting our needs from a full cup vantage point. And in that fullness, we call in the relationships that honor this balance and reciprocation of energy.

Allow this full moon eclipse energy to bathe you in infinite reminders of your God-given wealth within, of your inner sense of security and stability, of your vast well of value and self-worth. And that recognition of self; there can be an easeful letting go of anything and everything that does not align with the truth of your being.

May we walk on this planet, liberated, crowned, and adorned in the love that makes up this universal, ethereal, and physical plane. May we access the abundance within and remember our worthiness to create heaven on this earth. For being resourced within provides infinite resources without.

May we have the courage to show up each day, no matter the look and feel of it, and keep choosing life. May we have the courage to come back to life no matter how many funerals of self we attend. And, in that rebirth, may we be free and liberated in our truest nature of infinite, divine potential.

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