December 2, 2021

Every Day Should be Women’s Day.

Embodiment of the Goddess and Mother Earth.

Every day should be Women’s Day—until we are rightfully respected and revered.

I bow to you Wombyn, the embodiment of the Goddess and Mother Earth, so beautiful, so soft, so delicate. So wild, so tough, so strong.

I bow to this physical form I get to play in. What a gift to be this beautiful embodiment of such divine magic. The portal between worlds casually here between my thighs.

I know my beauty and my power. Like Mother Earth, made of earth, air, wind, and fire, soft and hard, delicate and strong, I sustain and nourish the world with my bounties.

Look around at the splendor that is Mother Nature; she glows gloriously when the light lands on her many mountains, and like our curves, she is sacred and naturally sensual, like cascading rivers and lakes, quenching thirst with sacred waters and nourishing our deep yearning with unboundless love and the sweetest of all nectars.

Like the heartbeat of the earth, the ignited fire within our hearts drums and dances along.

Like the gentle breeze that caresses thy skin, our sweet breath whispers songs of pleasure.

Men, how easily they forget.

How could you take without care; if only you’d be patient, you’d receive endlessly. The treatment and reverence for women are a perfect reflection of the treatment toward our earth. Do not wonder why our smiles can easily turn to thunderous curses like the weather, which turns dark in a blink of an eye.

While there is still insult on the life-bringers, abuse upon our innocence, and pillaging our sacred bodies of lands and waters, you will never know everlasting peace on this plane. May you honor and heed this warning, or may your waters run dry, your food become tasteless, your air polluted, your earth destroyed, and the fire that would light you up instead burn you to ash.

No more. Do not take, but bow. When you humble yourself to her glory, you will know lasting and true pleasure with eternal peace, not fleeting pleasure followed by emptiness.

Women, acknowledge and feel your anger; this rage that runs deep in our bones, it must be honored, respected, understood in its processing or the fires may burn it all to ash, the waters may drown it all to mush, the air will blow it all away, the earth may crumble beneath you, and you will fall.

You will never be safe unless you make it right in yourself first; process and transmute your feelings, let all of you be felt and seen, never say sorry for feeling deeply and expressing your emotions. Your vulnerability is so beautiful; you are so beautiful in your softness and also in your powerfully ugly, in your wild, in your angry. All of you is welcome.

Think of the raging winds and how it demands your respect; either bow down or get swept up, ravaged, and discarded. These latter feelings may be taboo in the old paradigm; they must come up and be felt and seen so they can pass and come into balance, but until balanced, those feelings will fester beneath the surface like lava boiling beneath the earth waiting for the moment to explode.

Don’t sit there and burn from the inside out. Wombyn, explore your feelings. Express your feelings. All of you is welcome.

I want to see more women crying, screaming, yelling, laughing, moaning, dancing between all of their grief and gratitude. Knowing that it is completely normal to move through all of these emotions.

We have been taught to smile and be happy, but have you ever been taught to express your emotions in a safe container without directing energy onto anyone else? Express the emotion for what it is and then let go of it, so that you can make space in your body for more beauty, peace, and love. Shake, scream, dance, stomp your feet, and shake some more, releasing stored and pent-up energy that has been suppressed and ignored for far too long.

The fullness of life is to feel it all. To move through it all. To feel deep pain is to feel deep pleasure. All of it is safe to feel. All of it will move. Nothing lasts forever, but you can cultivate more of what you do want when you let go of what you don’t need any longer, and make space for all you enjoy!

Men, look at yourselves. You must see that you come from the Goddess and that the Goddess is within you. Work on balancing your masculine and feminine energies. Do not stay stuck. This is the time for reclamation of your full self, the masculine and feminine parts, being the Goddess as a part of you.

See how divine women are and how their beauty is a perfect reflection of the beauty of the earth and that your role in this experience is to hold space for her to move her own mountains, to rain rivers, to blow winds, and burn brightly. You may join her in this, but first it is asked of you, in your form of the divine masculine, to hold space and let the Goddess be free to reclaim her powers.

You needn’t be afraid of her power; when you support her, she will nurture and feed you and love you unconditionally. Stop spewing your seed, drowning the earth with your explosive carelessness. Knowing and harnessing your own potency, you strongly kneel in reverence, and thus you are in the destined position to taste that which you live for.

Now men, reread all that was written but imagine yourself in the physical form of a woman. Women do the reverse. If your identity is with neither physical form but instead fluid between them both, whichever part resonated with you personally the most, that is what energy you relate to and thus, put yourself in the other person’s position, so that you can deeply feel and explore it from the other side. We are all made of the masculine and feminine and both must be balanced within us first. As within so without.

There is not enough masculinity making amends.

Until you bow down to the Goddess you will not know truth. You will not know lasting love or true beauty or feel fully alive. There is so much to be done, so much shadow work for the collective. Do your part, as we must all do this together.

Rising in love or reduced to ash, the choice is ours.


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