March 15, 2018

6 Pathways to Living as the Divine Feminine.

We need to embrace the divine feminine.

I spent many years toiling as the masculine and getting things done, but without letting in the unparalleled power of the feminine. I had disowned her. My sharply warped perception had me believe she was weak and needy, and I preferred instead to function as her opposite.

Two major crises in my life—which I was blessed to reframe as opportunities—ultimately opened me to the magnitude and wonderment of the divine feminine.

Years ago, I thought the only way to complete my divorce and take care of my dying mom was to exclusively use the masculine, single-pointed focus with few emotions. I achieved what I set out to do, and I was left with little capacity to enjoy the full experience of life—its love and joy, interconnectedness, sometimes wild and painful emotional energy, and its constant, luscious potential.

Moving through those experiences activated a desire to feel alive and to seek self-realization, which was stoked fully by my discovery of the divine feminine.

I was anointed by her power and emboldened to create a life filled with love, joy, and enthusiasm. My deep appreciation for her strengthens as my consciousness continues to grow.

As I live and create in the bright, beaming light of her beacon, the following pathways to the divine feminine emerged. May we soak them up easily and eagerly and live lives of love and joy.

How to open the pathways to the divine feminine:

  1. Feel safe.

One of the biggest transformations I’ve undergone is feeling safe in my body, safe as my feminine. In the past, I used my strongly-developed masculine energy to feel protected. This masculine energy followed my command and formed a solid force field around me, and as I result, I never let anyone in. Surrendering to my feminine had me do something I hadn’t done since I was little: trust.

Today, I have faith in the power of the universe. I believe that there is a higher part of me—my source—that loves me and feeds me. As I trust in life, I focus on the good that I want and I stay away from the rest. I am the creator of my life. And I have confidence in her to generate what I want. As I do this, I do not shrink; I take up my space fully, with love and compassion.

2. Realize the truth about beauty.

Another monumental shift I’ve experienced is the realization that what I think is true is, in fact, only my perception. Two people won’t ever see anything in exactly the same way. This crushed my rational mind and also liberated me because what I perceive is changeable. I can expand my consciousness and open myself to new knowledge, even if I’ve treated the old thought-forms as gospel for years. I can let go of victimhood and limited thoughts and step into the role of creator. As I expanded my perception, I received and integrated the knowledge that my biggest feminine gifts are my beauty and radiance. This idea felt completely foreign at first, then magnificent, and ultimately true. It transformed how I saw myself, how I saw men, and how I engaged with them. I used to downplay my beauty energetically. Although I wanted to look good, it also didn’t feel right to be observed for what I was externally.

The realization that my beauty is something to be proud of, that it’s sacred, caused my mind be to forever blown. My beauty and radiance are actually gifts. They are not superficial. When a man or woman notices me in appreciation, they’re acknowledging those gifts, which are offerings to the masculine, the feminine, and the universe itself.

3. Love ourselves.

The divine feminine connects us to our source and spirit. As we hook into her over and over again, we cultivate a deep love that sustains us and keeps us rooted in ourselves. This is not a standard practice! So much energy is usually spent on how to attract and keep a partner or lover. Yet, the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. We are the foundation. Without a relationship with ourselves, how could anything else grow and expand? The divine feminine is deeply connected to herself. She’s her own lover, best friend, source, and confident. She takes exquisite care of herself. She loves herself absolutely. With this basis, all is possible.

People will want to engage with us when they can sense that we take care of ourselves—body, mind, and spirit—and aren’t looking to them to take care of us. When our energy is focused here, every other relationship in our lives will flourish.

4. Love our divine masculine, too.

The truth is we have both masculine and feminine energies within us, and they each have the potential to be strongly developed.

The divine masculine:

Keeps us on purpose.

Has us speak the truth, with love and compassion.

Grounds us so that we are able to be with intense feelings.

Has us ask for what we want, and be alright with whatever the outcome might be.

Gives us the boldness to make lingering, interested eye contact with that masculine man, even if our hearts are pounding madly and we want to look away.

The divine masculine is the force that creates the forward movement in our lives. Its counterpart—the divine feminine—creates the turn-on, juice, and creativity to bring our desires into being. The divine masculine forms a powerful structure, into which our divine feminine flows. Both are woven into each area of our lives and influence it.

Increasing awareness of these powerful energies directly shows us the truth in the maxim “the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.”

5. Dance in the moment.

The divine feminine is connected to everything, especially the unseen. Another immense gift is her ability to be beautiful, fully present, in real-time. This is where our power is. As we slow down and be, we tap into more offerings of the divine feminine—intuition, connection, and wholeness.

Emptying our minds of everything that happened before us opens us to what is right now, allows something new and higher to come through us and moves our consciousness to that new place.

Being able to play here, we acknowledge that the possibilities are endless and that repeating patterns are not necessary. The truth is that ingenuity is available in each potent second. As we romp through this powerful “Now”, we create situations and manifestations with pure clarity and knowingness, and we grow our spiritual power.

6. Cultivate joy and have fun.

The divine feminine is pleasure, joy, and fun. She is ease, flow, improvisation, and life-force. She’s nature—with verdant shrubs and trees, beautiful thick fragrant air, and sharp, high vibration. The divine feminine is like Hawaii, with thick foliage, ripe fruit, and vibrantly colored birds. She’s wild, open, rejuvenating, and surrendered. She joyously gives us permission to feel childlike awe and enthusiasm for life, which is what we were made to feel. And once we take time to play, we’ll remember how delicious it is, and necessary. Everything becomes a pleasure and a blessing. It comes to back to trust and surrender, yielding to something higher—to the divine within us.

When we feel like that, we manifest the most delicious desires. We are working directly with the power of the universe, through the breathtaking power of the divine feminine.

As we lap up these pathways, may we be endowed with a deep love and respect for all people and life forms. May we feel joy in the simplest of actions and become sensitive to the sacred energy that makes up all of life, ourselves included.


Divine Goddess. {Poem}

She’s entwined
Yet ethereal

Sensuous movement
Carefree abandonment
Feeling the rush of her life-energy course through her
Running wildly with long hair whipping across her face and occasionally blocking her sight.

It’s no matter
She senses where she’s going.

There are no rules
Rules are for the rational.

She’s something more
Something unseen, magical.

She lets this be the guiding force
With its energy and passion and possibility
Opening herself to all she knew she was

And now she’s letting it be.


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Author: Lauren Malloy
Image: Christal Yuen/ Unsplash
Editor: Angel Lebailly
Copy & Social editor: Nicole Cameron


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