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December 18, 2021

Gemini Full Moon: Beyond Duality (19 December, 2021)

Photo by David Besh on Pexels.

This is the final full moon of the year, a big year filled with twists and turns, with themes of freedom, responsibility, control and change. A year that called for acts of courage, tolerance and resilience, and inspired a move toward transcendence, a desire to forge a peaceful path forward.

We’ve had the North Node of the moon in Gemini for about a year and a half, which will head into Taurus in January, making this Full Moon significant. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini represents our communication, perception, information sharing and left- brain processing such as writing, speaking, language, logic, planning, processing facts and data.

This full moon will bring us to a stop, to reflect upon how we have digested 2021, and what we may need to release to bring in more freedom, better communication, detachment, clear thinking and acceptance.

The path of the heart

Gemini the constellation is represented by the twins Castor and Pollux, one mortal and one immortal. Castor, son of man died in battle, but his immortal twin Pollux loved him so much that he pleaded with his father Zeus to bring Castor back. Zeus offered to make them both immortal if they spent half their time as stars in heaven and half their time on earth as humans.

This story has deep roots in our own dual nature, part human, part spirit. It speaks to our higher selves, advocating for us to rise above our human challenges and short comings, to transcend the daily struggle, so we can touch our infinite potential.

This story also reminds us that we live in a world of duality, of comparison, and learning through contrast. And though we are a part of it, and participate in it, there is a path of the heart that is beyond the division and separation that duality can create.

This path calls for acceptance, an acknowledgement of the duality within us and each other, which leads to a place of loving communication, a place in which we can express our spirit and our human, and the complexity of our multi layered being.

This path cultivates compassion, and compassion gives permission for the paradox of our dual nature to co-exist harmoniously, to transmute, or transcend the inner conflict so that harmony can be restored, within and without.

Bringing to light

Our relationship with information, and the use and miss use of it has been highlighted the past 18 months, this has presented the opportunity to rise to a new level of self-awareness, critically analyse the messages of the outer world and find our own truth through the way of intuition.

It has taught us to be responsible with what we take in and share… but to also stay curious and playful, finding pleasure in the light-hearted moments, and practicing detachment from the weight of the uncertainty around us.

What will the Full Moon illuminate for you?

What messages can you integrate or release so that you can make room for your heart to lead you into a different kind of future? One in which you can express yourself freely and accept the totality of your being?

Expanding into a new tomorrow

Jupiter, the most benevolent and jovial planet of our solar system, is in a very harmonious conversation with the full moon. Their interaction will expand our feeling state and intuition, allowing for the healing and completion of limiting beliefs.

It will also inspire a sense of fun, joy, positivity, abundance, and desire to explore the unknown by adventuring out beyond our boundaries and into the world, a place of differing beliefs, ideas and customs, so we may further learn to integrate and accept differences.

The sun will be in Sagittarius at the full moon, Jupiter’s home sign, at 27º of Sag which aligns with the Galactic centre. The sun will be reflecting the light of our galaxy onto the earth, moon and us. When the sun is in alignment with the galactic centre we can align with more ease to our higher knowing, to a broader and more inclusive truth, and help us tap into other galaxies and the cosmic energy that created our world.

What will your tomorrow look like if your spirit self and human self-created in harmony?

If your higher self was able to help you transcend some aspect of your dual nature so you may follow the path of your heart?

Healing the past

The South Node of the Moon is being activated by Chiron, the healer of our Zodiac, who is also in conversation with Saturn and Mercury. This connection will help us move into a place of healthy communication and release past aspects of us that were in conflict. It will also help us clearly assess were we are so we can commit to the change we want to make.

Uranus, the rebel and enlightened one also chatting to Mercury and Saturn we can expect a breakthrough, a new perspective that comes seemingly out of the blue, and a radical shift in our beliefs.

Venus and Pluto are traveling together and also in conversation with the moon. When together they bringing up deep and intense emotions, fated experiences and, a soul level connections, these emotions, people and experiences are coming up so that some deep soul level healing can occur. So that we can create closure and release the past.

We can ask these questions as the moon reflects the year back at us


Who have I become over the past year, how have I grown?

How can I communicate my truth with more clarity and conviction?

What beliefs, ideas, information can serve my highest good and what can I leave behind?

Where within me can I accept, integrate, or transcend a dual belief?

How can I accept the duality in others?

What are the first steps toward following the path of my heart?

What steps can I take to connect to my spirit self and create inner harmony?

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