December 16, 2021

Getting your Booster shot doesn’t make you less Spiritual or Rebellious.

I usually don’t like to follow orders from the government, but when I do, I am serious about it.

The last two years have been weird. I never expected myself to be the dude representing the same opinion as public health officials.

I had been a yoga teacher for 10 years. I refused to take antidepressants when I was in therapy for clinical depression. I have avoided taking any medicine since I was a little boy. And many of my friends were quite surprised to hear that I am pro-vaccine.

It’s not that I suddenly started believing everything officials are telling us, but there is a difference between having a different opinion on certain policies and rejecting science.

And that’s my message to all individualistic rebels out there: getting the shot doesn’t make you less cool or rebellious.

I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over. There is so much to protest against. We need to do something against the rise of racism, the causes of climate change, and the suffocating effects of sexism.

We could talk about the dangers of social media for teenagers, mindless consumerism, or failed foreign policies. There is so much to talk and get upset about.

But activism doesn’t have to be about complaining. We are free to help others who struggle with mental health, poverty, or loneliness. Nothing stops us from saving animals and eating less meat.

There are so many things to do that actually make a difference in this world—rejecting a lifesaving vaccine is not one of these things.

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Call me a sheep, call me obedient, but that won’t make me feel bad about doing the right thing.

Many of us discovered our rebellious side when lockdown limited our so-called freedoms. Folks were protesting to get a haircut, others insisted on not wearing a mask, and some even denied the existence of the virus.

I have to admit that I generally like it when folks question authorities. I do that myself all the time. There is nothing wrong with questioning authorities, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

If a cop is kneeling on someone’s neck, it’s our duty to take action—but if we see a firefighter truck approaching a building that is on fire, there is no need to try and stop it.

There is nothing wrong with getting your shots. It doesn’t take anything away from you. You don’t automatically turn into an obedient sheep because you protect yourself and others against a deadly virus.

And as I mentioned, I am also a yoga teacher: getting your shots doesn’t make you less spiritual.

I believe in energy, healing, and all of that, but there are limits to these things. When I broke my elbow a few years ago, I went to the hospital—at no point did I try to heal this serious injury by doing some yoga instead of seeing a doctor.

Being a spiritual person and getting the shots do not exclude each other. Being an activist and getting the shots also don’t exclude each other.

But you know what totally doesn’t match?

If you think you are helping anyone by rejecting science and common sense, I can’t take you seriously anymore.

If you are annoyed by the ongoing pandemic but not willing to get vaccinated, I don’t see your point.

If you think I am a sheep because I care about others, please leave me alone with your so-called research.

Seriously. Just get your booster shot!

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