December 30, 2021

Life is like a Tapestry—& Every Thread is Beautiful.


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As we reach the final days of this year, I always like to end off with some reflection and introspection.

So, I sat with my thoughts and came up with this little bit of “wisdom”—if you want to call it that—and thought I would share this insight in hopes that it can help even one person carry themselves onward into the new year with a bit of a lighter step and calmer spirit.

I’ve been on this healing journey for over six years now and the one thing I have learned for certain is that there is no absolute or ending in terms of when we “get there.” There is an ebb and flow to our lives where there will be moments that we are in perfect alignment and things are flowing quite nicely. (This can look like things working out for us more rapidly or us taking better care of ourselves and our spaces, and it can also look like us choosing different paths or putting more effort into the current ones.)

And then, we have the moments where it is not flowing as nicely and it feels as if things are not working out for us. We can experience much loss, failure, rejection, and setbacks during these moments and we can be overcome with a lot of frustration, sadness, anger, and oh, how we will be flooded with immense amounts of grief.

And these are the moments we stop. Because life is not about being in constant motion and continued pursuit. It is not even about the achievements. It’s about our presence and being present in those moments. It’s about our ability to allow ourselves to feel all our emotions that are equally important threads in the tapestry of our lives.

And maybe that moment doesn’t feel as important or worthwhile. But each and every thread holds its purpose and value. Each and every thread tightly holds together the beautifully intricate pattern of our own unique tapestry.

So, pause as long as you need to. Sit down and rest and know that those dark hues of threads are just as lovely as the lighter and brighter ones.

Know that the threads will continue to weave even whilst you rest, wait, and sit in your stillness. And most importantly, know that they won’t always be dark and that the lightness will come again and you will regain that momentum in those highs that bring in the harvest of a new season.

But the winter will come again—as it does with every cycle—and sometimes you’ll be prepared for it and sometimes you won’t. But each and every time you will learn more and more how to care for your spirit during these dark nights while you sit there and soothe your soul with such softness—while your formidable tapestry continues to be woven.

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