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December 23, 2021

New Year ~ New Healthy Habits 

New Year ~ New Healthy Habits

By: Amanda Henderson

If you’re reading this then it’s officially 2022 and we have made it through another year. You may have made a new years resolution and often this means change. This month I’m going to pick 10 healthy habits to consider starting this year. I hope this list can inspire you to make some healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.

1. Drink Alkaline water

I’ve written about the importance of staying hydrated before. Introducing the habit of drinking water into your life every day is extremely beneficial for our health. We only have one body and we have to take care of it. Don’t forget your eco-friendly water bottle. Plastic is out and sustainable is in.

2. Meditate

Self awareness is important and taking 30 minutes out of your day to meditate and breath is not only good for emotional balance but your over well-being. Benefits of meditation can include: Reduced pain, anxiety, depression, and stress. Along with increased creativity, memory, and focus.

3. Avoid Single Use Plastic

Single use plastic means things like water bottles, straws, grocery bags, ect. Things that you’re going to use one time and then just throw away later. There are so many easy eco-friendly options available that adding to our forever growing pollution problem just isn’t cool anymore.

4. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Some times it’s hard to avoid plastic all together but we can cut our plastic purchases. Think of cool ways to repurpose and reuse things for later. Save  jars for keeping food fresh in the fridge or save plastic containers for leftovers later. We can always recycle but keep in mind that it’s the least sustainable option. The majority of recycled waste still ends up in our land fills. Most single use plastic cannot be reused.

5. Buying Secondhand

Instead of rushing to Walmart or Amazon every time we need something consider asking a neighbor or friend if they have one to borrow. We can also visit different social media apps to search online market places. My personal favorite option is to visit our nearest thrift store. It’s a great way to save money while being eco-friendly at the same time.

6.. Growing your own food

With continued food shortages and the push to find pesticide free food what better reason to start your own personal garden. Growing food isn’t as hard as you think. We can also take it a step further by coordinating with friends or family to plant different things so we can trade our produce.

7. Minimalism

I’ve been on a less stuff and more memories kick since last year. I can definitely say it’s one of the better decisions I’ve made. I’ve even incorporated this idea into gift giving. Instead of buying more things I’ve booked more trips. We aren’t taking any of our personal belongings with us when we die but we are leaving memories.

8. Move your body

There is medicine in movement and the more we move our bodies the healthier we will be. Movement through dance, yoga, swimming, sports or whatever it means for you to keep your body in motion is a healthy habit we all should be doing. We spend too much time on our phones.

9. Equal Energy Exchange

Equal energy exchange is an unwritten law of fair exchange between two people. This can be an interaction between a server we barely know or a close friend or family member. It’s all about giving and receiving equal amounts of energy. This can be as simple as using manners or being grateful. If more people understood the importance of keeping a balance there would be less negative interactions between humans.

10. Meatless Mondays

We don’t have to give up meat completely to make a difference. Going meatless one day out of the week can make a difference in your overall health and the environment. Benefits can include: reducing the chances of heart disease, diabetes, aids with weight loss, and other health benefits.

These are all habits that I have incorporated into my lifestyle and i invite you to pick a few or maybe all of them. 2022 is going to be a great year. If you have made it this far, thanks for reading.

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