December 9, 2021

Show the World your Awesomeness: We Need more of It.


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It was one of those days when everything seemed to be going wrong.

I woke up extra early on my day off because I had a busy day ahead of me.

It started with my coffee maker dying. The ATM ran out of money. The gym was closed due to losing power. And the supermarket wouldn’t accept my credit card. This was all before the sun even rose.

Oh did I cry a lot that day! And it only got worse.

One bad moment caused a rippling effect of sorts. Can you imagine what several bad moments might cause? It was a clusterf*ck of a day.

But I kept pushing through my day regardless of what the universe was throwing at me.

What happened next surprised me. When I sat down at the end of that awful day, I felt really good. It was this strange but good feeling of satisfaction that boiled within. This was of course well after the outburst of cursing, tears, and anxiety.

I had this overwhelming feeling of greatness wash over me. I completely kicked today’s ass. And I thought to myself, “I am f*cking awesome.”

I know all the sh*t that is wrong with me, believe me, I do. And I tend to remind myself often of my broken pieces. But I also know all of the awesomeness that comes with being me.

Today should have sent me back to bed with the shades drawn and the ringer off. But it didn’t. I kept moving. I completed everything I had planned to do even with the obstacles. I even covered handling the obstacles.

It should be illegal to be this awesome.

There are plenty of days when we all fight to keep ourselves from drowning. Days when life really kicks our ass. There is usually a rainbow that comes after the storm. But sometimes, we are that rainbow. We were the ones who got through the storm in one piece and created that rainbow that now shines above us. And we can appreciate how awesome we are for being able to create a rainbow after the storm.

This is not being “positive” to get us through a difficult time. This is appreciating getting through that difficult time. To embrace the positive that comes from all the other sh*t we endure.

Our awesomeness should be celebrated.

We shouldn’t spend our entire lives only tearing ourselves down for all that we are not. Let’s spend some time celebrating all that we actually are.

When we embrace our awesomeness, we are shining a light on ourselves. It’s our job to shine that light. The energy of awesomeness we put out into the world can cause a domino effect and will make an impact around us. We will begin to feel better all around and will want to be happier.

We will be inspiring to others and help people in their lives, making this world a better place.

The journey of life will begin to feel like a journey for the pursuit of awesomeness.

So how do we zone in on our awesomeness and show the world all that we are?

We go the extra mile. What is one more mile when we have already gone the distance? We could do what we need to do, what is expected of us, and what is needed from us. But that extra mile, which might feel like a lot at times, will show the world we are here to do what needs to be done. It shows that we are here to do our part in this world.

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We notice the little things which really matter. It shows we are fully present and aware of everything around us. That everything matters.

We are kind to everyone, even to strangers. It shows our beautiful heart is filled with love to share with the world.

We show the world our smile. It’s really beautiful and it lights up everything around us.

We keep learning new things. It’s a big world. There is so much more out there to discover.

We make the best of every situation. This will keep us in the right state of mind. Sometimes things suck. And that is okay. We just need to readjust accordingly. As long as we have a good attitude, we can get through any situation.

We have a good sense of humor that will keep us laughing. Laughing is good for the soul.

We don’t ever take things for granted. We appreciate all that we have. Every single thing.

We keep goals for ourselves that will keep us motivated to improve. The world keeps on changing. We need to improve to keep up.

We help others. It’s lending a helping hand, even if no one is asking for help.

We focus on the positive. We are allowed to feel the bad days. We can get mad, angry, and sad. But we can also stay positive through it all. Positivity gives us hope. Positivity is believing it will get better. Having faith that it will be okay, as long as we believe and have faith.

And we take care of ourselves.  It’s no one else’s job but ours.

Awesome people are honest, polite, generous, respectful, and kind. And the list goes on. The point is, be awesome.

Being awesome is contagious. Show the world your awesomeness. The world needs more “awesome” in it.

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