December 21, 2021

Our Inner Voice needs to Guide us with a Mantra of Self-Love.


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Our voice matters.

Our internal voice should have our back. Yet, often, our inner voice wavers, judges, and is harsh in ways that can send our self-confidence crashing.

This voice may hijack our day if we let it. It can also hijack our life.

How do we transform difficult moments and harsh starts to gentle transitions and moments of softness?

How do we become the leading gentlemen and ladies of our own life stories?

I say the following: softly now—soft in words and actions. Surrender here and settle in; come back to yourself.

In this moment, we are okay.

Oh, this is a mantra I relish. This is a mantra to return to often.

The morning arrives with a jolt. I fall out of bed and send the cat flying. There is banging and construction on the road outside, and men are working and talking. The light filters through the blinds and pierces my fragile baby blues. I am rushed and tired and hurry off to start the day.

Any of this sounds familiar?

We all experience difficult moments and days. We all have mornings in which we get out on the wrong side of the bed. In my case, it’s literally falling.

The key is to let those difficult moments pass while offering ourselves some sweetness and sweet talk.

That inner voice needs to guide us with a mantra of self-love.

These days and moments may be hard, and you, darling, can have your own back.

Shake off the night and awaken to the possibilities of some good in each day.

Every difficult moment will pass, for nothing lasts forever.

Go softly now with words and actions.

Go softly and be the love you deserve.

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Read 9 comments and reply

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