December 28, 2021

Subscribe today, or pay us a little more tomorrow.

Subscribe today, or pay us a little more tomorrow.

Many years ago, Elephant was huge, and growing steadily, but broke. Then I asked you all to pay $1/month if you wanted to read a bunch of articles. I kept 3 free reads for all of you who didn’t want to subscribe.

So many of you joined, I could finally pay myself, hire a staff, and begin to slowly improve our web site, offer health care, you know.

Grow up as a business.

Today, many years later, The Elephant Subscription sits at $3/month. In the New Year, it will rise. Last chance.

Subscribe at $3/month.





It’s like one of those 1980’s songseverything we’ve done, we’ve done it for you. Everything we’ve done, we’ve done it thanks to you. 

And we mean it. Our mission is to be of benefit: not to curry favor, but to serve the greater good. Help us acheive that mission by subscribing. If you subscribe already, gift a subscription, here. It’s a carbon-light, instant, shipping-free yearlong gift of mindfulness to one you love. 

And if you don’t subscribe yet, you have two days left to get our 2021 price. Because in 2022, in two days, it goes up by a 1/4:

Subscribe at $3/month.

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