December 29, 2021

The best movie I’ve seen all year. ~ Waylon Lewis

A movie that “makes activists feel seen in a world where it feels like no one is paying attention to an existential threat.”

It was awful. It was hysterical, while being awful. It was, literally, laugh-out-loud. But in a way that made me feel like, perhaps, it might offer a window of insight to those who, thus far, haven’t really considered the urgency of our climate crisis.

Don’t Look Up? Yes, it’s great and awful and funny and depressing, mostly depressing, but funny. Yes, it’s an allegory for partisan politics/social media/fake news/entertainment, vs. climate crisis/covid/genuine patriotism/service.

And yes, it skewers our willful ignorance re: “the most important issue that’s ever faced humanity in the history of civilization.” No big deal:

Capitalism, partisan blindness, social media can’t nuke a comet. It can’t address climate crisis, or Covid, either.

There’s a reason every disaster movie starts with the government ignoring a scientist:

MAGA or anti-vaxxers, but I repeat myself: “Do you know why they want you to look up? Because they want you to be afraid. They are looking down their noses at you! Don’t look up!”

Everything will be fine! “All these questions and fears” ~ Bash guy regards scientists and questions and facts as inconvenient.

Spot-on comment:

“This hurt to watch although I rather enjoyed it. I went in blind so didn’t really understand what I was watching at first.

It’s weird as it made me super sad but I really enjoyed it?”

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Read 5 comments and reply

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