January 5, 2022

6 Steps to Create a Space within (or near) your Home that will Bring you Love & Peace.

Photo by Mateusz Dach on Pexels.

Having a space in or near your home where you can feel instant peace or connection is a way to ensure daily happiness.

Whether you love drawing, gardening, meditation, yoga, crafting, or another hobby, there is always a way to create a meaningful space just for you.

You do not need a huge area either—even a few designated feet where you can instantly be transported to that joyful place helps!

As a mindfulness coach, daily meditator, healing and shamanic practitioner, and qi gong student, sacred space is of utmost importance for me to keep my daily practice up. I have noticed that when I do not dedicate a space, it can be easier for me to make excuses not to execute my routines.

For me, living in upstate New York, I needed an outdoor space for when the weather allows as well as an indoor space that I can use year-round.

Every morning, I am up meditating and doing qi gong in either space. During the day, if ever I am feeling “off” or simply want to gain a sense of peace, I know going to one go those spaces allows for that. Both are equipped with the tools I need: candles, sage, incense, crystals, oracle and tarot cards, plants, as well as some sacred objects.

When I go into either of these spaces, I feel a deep sense of relief, peace, and inner connectivity.

There are truly only a few steps to creating a place that can bring you love and a sense of peace:

1. Think about what your space will be used for. Meditation? Art? Dance? Crafting? This should be an activity that brings you joy, peace, or hopefully both!

2. What are the objects you will need in this space?

3. How can you ensure that when you enter this space you feel that love? Is there an extra object that signifies love or happiness for you that you can bring into this space?

4. Set an intention for the space. This space is designated for “fill in the blank” and every time I come here I will feel “joy” and live out this passion. Or any kind of affirmation that brings in the kind of emotion you are looking for in this space.

5. If you feel guided, set a time of day or week where you can utilize this space. Set your first time and get excited for it.

6. Bask in the love you feel there, and when you begin the activity in this space and when you leave, offer a little “thank you” to the space and for yourself for setting it up.

Remember to thank yourself for loving yourself enough to set up this little sanctuary to pursue something you love. You are setting the intention for self-care as you pursue a joy.

You will feel so much better and more grounded if you use this space regularly. You might even find yourself making more and more time for this space.

I am wishing you much joy, peace, and love in your new space!

Thank you for getting in touch with what you love and for carving out that room in your life to create such a space to pursue joy.


Here are photos of my two spaces:

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