December 28, 2020

8 Tips to Make your Home a Sacred Space.

In doing the inner work, I have come across many different levels of healing.

And through many successes and failures, I have discovered the best ways to implement a self-care, self-love routine—and because of this, I love sharing my ideas and what has worked for me.

In my articles, I always mention having a sacred space in your home, which is something you definitely want to have. This is a nonnegotiable. This space is critical for you to be able to completely immerse yourself in your spiritual practice. I want to take this concept one step, or even multiple steps, further and encourage you to create an entire home that is your sacred space, but I understand this could take time, so narrowing your focus on one area might be easier.

Whether you live alone or have multiple family members living with you, you can still deem a section of  your home as your very own sacred space (yes, even if you have little kids).

Our home is where we spend the majority of our life. It is where we raise our children, build our marriages, lay our heads to rest, enjoy sexual experiences, and so on. It’s important you create a home environment that you don’t need a vacation from. Love your home, love your space, love the environment you have created.

Some people have houses that they don’t connect with; therefore, their house is not their home. If this is you, you first need to make your house your home. A place you enjoy being, a place that is safe and comforting to you even if you are not a homebody and you enjoy going out and getting away on weekends—you still want a wonderful place to come home to.

Home is where your soul should reside and be free. Home is where you should seek solace after a tough day.

Once you feel your house is your home, a place you love and feel comforted in, then you can move on to making it sacred.

1. Fill your home with things that make you happy (example: wall hangings, books, nicknacks, candles, pottery, photos, rocks, statutes).

2. Create a technology-free zone—implement time and space where no technology is used (such as dinner time, meditation, or yoga space).

3. Focus on each room and discover what feelings you desire to feel in each room (example: the bedroom should be focused around love, so include lots of pinks and reds; the kitchen should be happy and bright; a living room is about family so put up lots of family photos and mirrors to reflect the love in the room; a master bath (if you have one) should represent relaxation and cleansing so maybe design it in a spa theme with soft colors, thick towels, lots of rocks, candles, soaps and bath salts). The options are endless.

4. Fill each room with plants, fresh flowers from your garden, or a local garden store.

5. Infuse scents into the air that help to create a calming atmosphere—you can buy an infuser and essential oils, or burn soy candles in soothing scents.

6. Make sure lighting throughout your home is soothing and not offensive.

7. Remove all clutter (you can have a clutter removal ceremony, yes this exists).

8. Make sure each room flows freely, so that kinetic energy can move through each room effortlessly. Move furniture around so that the energy is your home is not blocked.

The tips above give you a good start at creating your sacred home space. If you desire more information or advice on where to begin, please contact me anytime, and I can help make this happen for you.

It is so critical to love where you live—creating a sacred home space will make your house a true home.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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