November 2, 2017

Sacred Love: Practices to Empower your True Nature.

Sacred Sexuality is embodying our most authentic and true nature by allowing ourselves to be intimate with life itself.

It is above all a way of being which empowers the harmonious expansion of our most fundamental life force energy, while moving from our heart space simultaneously.

Our bodies are sacred and the way we express ourselves externally speaks a lot about the sense of balance we feel internally. Releasing shame, guilt, lack, insecurity, and fear can be achieved by breathing light into the darkness that we hold deep inside, often hidden from view.

Collectively and individually, sexuality is one of the most distorted and confused aspects of human nature right now, for such a variety of different reasons. On the one hand, there is incredible repression and on the other, there is total exploitation. A main issue at the core of it all is a lack of true spiritual intimacy with ourselves and others.

In my eyes, it is definitely worth the exploration of this mysterious, sacred sexual energy that we all have circulating within us all of the time.

After sharing about the beauty and growth “Sacred Sexuality” has graced my life with so far, I would like to share some basic practices that helped me in discovering and learning to empower my true nature.

I have put together some basic, accessible practices that I have learned throughout my own study and personal practice. These are good starters for individuals or partners to try if you are interested in dipping your toes in the vast, sultry waters of sacred sexuality!

All of these practices are clothing-optional depending on intention, the space you are in, as well as who you are with!

1. Eye Gazing: This is a simple and surprisingly profound experience. Sit across from your partner or a mirror and stare deeply into the eyes in front of you. Try not to blink or move, but allow yourself to be immersed into the ocean of spirit glimmering from the depths of this gaze. Do this for five minutes or more, and feel yourself move into a deep, loving meditation, free of judgments or worry. It is worth noting that this is a practice that can be done in all kinds of relationships—romantic or platonic—to cultivate greater depths of presence and intimacy.

2. Anointing: This is the art of sacred devotional touch. Sit across from your partner or a mirror and begin with eye gazing. The anointer will dip their “peace fingers” in a prepared bowl of body-friendly oil and extremely slowly begin to move their fingers toward the third-eye center of the one being anointed. The key here is to tune into the subtle vibrations happening through this basic movement. Listen to the breath, the heart beat, feel the temperature and any passing sensation. If you are feeling adventurous, try moving through all the seven main chakra centers in this manner! Then switch roles with your partner.

3. Third Eye Kiss: This is a simple and beautiful practice of intimacy that can be done with a romantic or platonic partner. One of you lies down in the fetal position on your right side and the other on their left side. Bring your foreheads to touch and simply lay in this position breathing and feeling the pulse of the third eye center.

4. Sacred Sexual Poetry: This is one of my personal favorites, and one I do often! Being a writer and a poet, there is a special stimulation that comes from this practice for me. Find a poem or, even better, write one yourself. Aim to find one that is a little more sacred and sensual in nature, although the power is really in how it is read and received. Read the poem aloud in your most authentic voice, feeling the depth and passion of the words in their truth. Allow the silky rhythm of your voice to carry the poem and, beyond that, discover where it leads. This can be done with a partner (have them read one too) or with yourself.

5. Stimulating the Senses: This is a practice to stimulate the senses while discovering the subtle sensations that arise throughout the body in doing so. This is best done with a partner and without clothing. One partner lays down with eyes closed or covered, and the other gathers together a variety of objects—food, aromas, instruments, and so on—from around the house. The partner’s body becomes a canvas to tickle, tease, touch, offer taste, smell, and hear. The partner lying down goes into their breath and inner worlds, observing the feelings that are aroused from each sensory stimulation, as well as learning to let go of the need to know what that object is. This teaches an understanding of presence amidst exciting stimulation. Afterward, the partners can switch roles and then see where it leads from there!

6. Intentions: This is a very powerful practice on its own, and when brought into an intimate space, it opens up a whole new realm of potential creation. This can be done with a partner or with yourself. Sit across from your partner or mirror and verbally declare loving intentions that you have for her, him, or yourself. Aim to speak from your heart space in doing this. This can be done before or even during intercourse, as intentional healing with your sexual energy.

If you feel called to tap into the sacred sexuality in your own life, try some of these basic practices alone or with a partner, and discover what might blossom in your world. I also encourage you to do your own research on sacred sexuality, tantra, meditation, and pranayama.

There is a seemingly infinite well of wisdom and resources at your fingertips these days, and, hopefully, you’ll be able to integrate some of these practices and enrich your own life!




Author: Sarah (Sequoia) Dobbin 
Image: Pixabay/Efes
Editor: Travis May
Copy Editor: Callie Rushton
Social Editor: Waylon Lewis

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