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January 30, 2022


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As an Aquarian baby I’m pretty excited about this New Moon, it’s hard not to be, the air is always electric around an Aquarian Moon, and this particular New Moon takes place in Aquarius season, making it all the more dazzling and alive with change and possibility!

Aquarius as a constellation, archetype, and portal, draws us into the quantum field of possibility to teach us that our consciousness is vaster then our beliefs, the physical structures we’ve built, and the systems of understanding life, ourselves, and divinity that we’ve have relied on until now (the things we’ve learn on our journey through the zodiac to this point).

It teaches us that though our systems are important for life on earth and the harmonious functioning of society, they are but constructs of mind.

Beyond the collective reality we’ve created, based on customs, duty, norms, religion, government, and tribal law, there exists ultimate truth, which often differs to our individual or collective truth here on earth. This truth is what we strive to reach when under the Aquarian influence.

And as we allow our minds to wonder into the vast expanse of imagination, in search for this truth, we may stumble upon the realisation that the laws that govern the universe are but universal laws, and beyond those, there exist even deeper truths, systems, and structures… and so on we travel through possibilities and realities until we reach the source, a place of nothingness; the starting point which holds everything (a lesson we dive deeper into when we enter the constellation of Pisces in its season).

Now in Aquarius season we’re in this quantum vision state, a state of openness. And with a New Moon taking place in the Aquarian constellation we may feel compelled to take epic leaps forward, to expand and evolve into something completely out of our ordinary. Into something extra-ordinary, plucked from a future vision, and a desire to reach for ultimate truth.

The opportunity is now available to those ready to experience the kind of profound breakthroughs that bring the heavens down to earth and align us with a consciousness greater than our own.

This is possible because we’re being presented with the option to awaken our minds to the understanding that what we’ve learned until now are but ideas, and that a big part of our experience on earth is learning to create, destroy and recreate our physical reality for the purpose of evolution and experimentation; growth and play.

Are you warming up to that electric energy filled with excitement possibility?

You should be! It’s the energy of epiphany’s, expansion, creation, destruction, recreation, evolution and play.

And what this energy reminds us of is that the moment we realise we are more than physical form, more than the sum of our beliefs, and so much more the reality we’ve subscribed to, the possibilities become endless.

It is this awareness that delivers us into a place of boundless potential!


What are you ready for?

This place, this field of possibility, is beyond light and dark, beyond good and bad, it is a place of colour, unity, diversity and acceptance.

A place of play, creativity, experimentation and imagination.

When we allow ourselves to be swept up into this Aquarian portal we begin to embody the necessary qualities to achieve the extra-ordinary

Part of what happens when under this influence is that we begin to understand that life holds many paradoxes. We become viscerally aware of its complexity and the multidimensional layers of our own being, and so, begin to get comfortable holding seemingly opposing beliefs in our mind, understanding that we are not black and white, but colourful.

When we think and create in colour, life becomes more vivid, dazzling and exciting.

When we move beyond black and white ideas and the polarity they create, we enter a place of acceptance and unity.

Here are some Aquarian qualities you may be feeling strongly at this new moon, the ones that will influence big conscious leaps into far out new beginnings:

  • reinvention
  • rebellion
  • revolutionary spirit
  • uniqueness
  • authenticity
  • independence
  • future focus
  • aspiration
  • visionary mind
  • humanitarianism
  • detachment
  • exploration
  • innovation
  • Truth seeking
  • Community loving
  • Friendship forming
  • Desire for unity
  • Conscientiousness

Gifts from the Aquarian New Moon: 

  1. New ideas and unexpected flashes of insight, the more you open your mind and embody the energy of Aquarius the more you step into the quantum field of possibility
  2. Commitment. With Saturn, the ancient ruler of Aquarius, conjunct the Sun and Moon, you may be approaching your dreams from a place of realism, and an inspired understanding of how to manifest them according to the laws of the physical world, including an understanding of the work, resources and timing necessary to achieve your visions.
  3. New community, friendships and alliances. Not only do you have the support of the Aquarian energy to help you connect with a soul tribe at this New Moon but you also have Venus traveling with Mars helping you attract and discover the relationships that support our growth. When our masculine and feminine are in balance, we are in greater flow, and when in flow we are more easily able to manifest the things we want.
  4. A strong desire to reinvent and recreate your self identity based on a new sense of truth, authenticity and desire to express your unique creative flare.
  5. Inspired action, enhanced passion. With Jupiter talking to Mars and Venus the desire to act on your intentions may feel very poignant, and your sense of what is possible may be expanded. Jupiter will give you the luck and optimism to move forward with faith and courage.
  6. An insatiable desire to create more freedom and follow the beat of your own drum. Thanks to Uranus the desire to rebel against the norm and follow your heart is high, as is the desire to create from love.

All is possible when we leave our comfort zone and proceed down a new path with wander, openness, courage, curiosity, faith, and of course, a sprinkle of rebellion.

Take some time at this new moon to open up your mind and allow it to wander into new terrain. Follow your heart to the place of dreams. It will not disappoint.

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