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January 14, 2022

Bring Some Yoga into Your Sex Life

Wow! Yoga is so sensual… All of this body awareness and intentional movement…

What do you think? Can it improve our sex life and spice it all up a bit?

It sure can!

 Yoga 😉 Poses

Oh! How pleasurable they can be for lovemaking… There is so much hedonistic indulgence in the Cobra Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Standing Forward Bend, Table Top, Bridge Pose, Fish Pose, Lotus Pose (sitting or lying down with knees to your chest), Squatting, Upward-Facing Dog, Supine Spinal Twist… Even Eagle Pose (lying down) can work. And Plough Pose is one of the best as well!

Each one of these yoga poses gives a different sensation – In a very sensational way!


Ecstasy is an altered state of consciousness characterized by greatly reduced external awareness and expanded interior mental and spiritual awareness which is frequently accompanied by hallucinations and emotional/intuitive and even physical euphoria.

This state of trance causes endorphins to rush into the body.  It causes the mind to relax from stressful occupations. It creates a psychological distance between the everyday experience and the emotions, which creates space for intellectual perspective and emotional shifts.

And oh my God/Goddess! It feels sooooooooooooooo AMAZING!

Care to try?


Ecstasy is created by changing the chemistry of the body rapidly. What we want is more, or less, oxygen or anything else in our brain… quickly.

Breathing is one very yogic way to do this… Try some serious loving while doing Kapalabhati:

Inhale deeply through the nose, imagine that you have something stuck in your nostrils, and exhale forcefully to get it out. Repeat, gradually increasing the speed of your breath up to even 2 or 3 exhalations per second. Concentrate on the exhalations but remember to release your abdomen after each exhalation so that fresh air can come back in.

After about 100 repetitions or more, take a deep inhalation and hold your breath for as long as you can before releasing and enjoying the explosive sensations.


Being upside-down is another way to bring more oxygen to your brain. Let your head hang off the bed while you make love… Or if you feel like something a bit more acrobatic today, try having oral sex while in the Shoulder-Stand or Headstand. It’s so good!


Sex can be a meditation; in fact, it is probably one of the easiest ways to meditate. Our mind is naturally obsessed with sex, so it is not hard to wholly focus on that one thing while doing it.

By focusing on breathing and finding a rhythm in our movements, we can change our mental focus and clear our minds of other thoughts.

“Whatever thoughts are in their minds, they vanish completely with the onslaught of passionate embrace.  When a man and woman are all in oneness, thus clasped together, there is nothing in the whole world to surpass the superb joy of that moment.” –The Kama Sutra

While making love, close your eyes and wholly focus on your own pleasure. Try to experience it not only in your genitals but all over your body. Absorb the experience through all of your senses with your skin, through your ears and your nose… the tastes. Totally indulge in your own pleasure.

Now open your eyes and give your full attention to your partner; their pleasure, their movements, their facial expressions, their skin and their hair touching yours, their breath, their warmth, their groans…

Keep switching between one and the other a few times for about a minute each.

After some time try to reach a state where you are equally focused on yourself and your partner. A place where you experience both them and you. Somewhere where you are so together, so absorbed in each other, you breathe and move and bliss out as one.

I find sex, in general, to be much more relaxing than relaxation, and a great source of stress relief… But I understand that it is not like this for everyone and that many people need to relax first before they can start feeling all sensual and sexual.
Creating the right atmosphere can help a lot… Music (energetic or slow depending on what kind of lovemaking you fantasize), candles, loving words, and slow and sensual massage.

Being still for a while before all of the action starts also works miracles in having both partners open and receptive to love. Being still can be as pleasurable as being engaged in movement.

Here is one more amazing suggestion about relaxation… Tightening the pelvic region shuts down the body’s capacity for full-bodied orgasmic pleasure. When arousal is building, the natural inclination is to start to tighten the pelvis. As the climax approaches, encourage each other to keep breathing deeply and relax your pelvis rather than tighten.

Instead of tightening and pulling in, you can even PUSH – you will be amazed at the difference you will feel. This is equally amazing for both men and women.


Ommmmmmmmm while you give your partner oral sex. It is an Omazing way to yoga!

Making it Sacred

When something is sacred to us, we treat it carefully, with reverence, we give it our whole mindful attention.  In Tantra, the body and our sexual energies are considered divine.

Before you begin making love, sit on the bed, facing each other. Eye gaze and breathe deeply together. Eye gazing is easy – simply soften your eyes and look into your partner’s eyes without “doing anything”. The eyes are the windows to the soul.

The next time you are making love look deeply into your lover’s eyes. Stay immersed in them and focused. Experience the whole event from that perspective. Coordinate your breath with your partner’s breath… And come back to the breath if your attention lapses.

Breath, stretch and enjoy this extended pleasurable yogic moment… It is a great way to put a big “O” into your Orgasm, your Om and your yoga!

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