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January 26, 2022

Energy is an inside job

We tap in to tap out. We go within, find our center then let the electrical impulses play tour guide through our chakras as we reprogram ourselves toward a more balanced state of being.

It’s not even particularly required to be still while we wash all those toxins from our thoughts. Walking mindfully is like walking through a car wash, but the scrubbers are on the inside of our bodies.

If we’re in the woods, feet planted firmly in the earth, even better. Dirt feels good under our feet. There was nothing like spending the summers of our youth, barefoot and wild. Sun kissed skin, glistening in sweat from running, then the sharp awareness of our humanity as we stumbled; stubbing our toe.

The pain was excruciating. The gush of blood reminding us that we were not immortal, but instead, a system of parts that worked in sync. When the brain was busy pulsating those happy chemicals, it sometimes forgot to warn us of the dangers of childhood.

But then we had a great story of championing the elements, surviving with the big fish of all bloodied toes. Each one, more dramatic than the next.

We are natural born storytellers, one and all. Getting someone to listen is an entirely other act of our humanity. Needing someone to listen, yet another layer of being human. Some of us grow up heard and seen. Others, cultivate our own sense of being valued and worthy.

Once healed, we were right back outside, free to run. We were free to be, for the most part. Our processing of our life experiences, enveloped in our environment.

We are born pure souls into conditional worlds that immediately want to shift our consciousness into being exactly like those we were born to. And yet, our energy is our own, every bit as much as our eye color or genetic cocktail of what we will look like as we grow.

We don’t have the choice to run free forever, yet once we are done growing, we have every choice and right to reclaim our energy. We have the right to think about thinking, to breathe in, then release all that is not meant for us.

Are you having fun? If so, that’s beautiful energy you are giving yourself. If not, ask yourself, ‘why?’

Energy healing simply stated, is a way for us to tap into our own beautifully simple complexities, so we can sort out the balance of who we are with who we want to be.

In peace and light,




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