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January 17, 2022

Jon Farzam on What Leadership Looks Like in Hospitality Industry

Every industry requires great leaders to succeed. Yet, for some reason, this is not a subject that comes up frequently within particular niches. Take the hospitality industry. Leadership is an integral part of running a business within this industry, and it hardly comes up.

Naturally, one of the best ways to increase one’s business in this field is to become the ideal leader. But what makes a perfect leader for hospitality? Read on to get a better understanding.


Leaders that can adapt to sudden changes and surprises are always in high demand, regardless of the industry. They can lead a team through crisis and beyond, changing alongside the industry and needs in flawless execution.

The last few years have proven why adaptability is essential to any business. Hotels, tourist locations, restaurants, etc., that failed to adapt are the ones that fell. Those that changed and adapted thrived.


Communication is another vital part of any business. Communication has many meanings, including verbal, nonverbal, and written forms. All of which allows for a clear understanding of rules, needs, and tasks.

A leader should be capable of defining goals, coaching/training new employees, clarifying concerns, setting tasks, and encouraging personal growth among the team.


Networking is an underestimated part of the leadership role. It allows leaders to create and build relationships both within and outside their organization and niche. This provides new opportunities, connections and opens doors.

People Skills

You might have noticed that the last two points require a certain level of people skills. This is very accurate – leaders within the hospitality industry must have high people skills.

These skills can be utilized with employees, customers, partners, and other professional relationships required for business. While all leaders are required a certain level of mastery here, it seems that the hospitality industry has a higher demand for them.


Unreliable leaders find their business relationships, and thus the business itself, struggling. This is especially true within this world, as so many people are required to make it function.

One must always strive to be reliable. This means showing up on time, sticking to one’s promises, and being available to help and coach whenever possible, even when one isn’t in the mood to do so.

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