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January 17, 2022

Let your dreams take flight

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

My love affair with Hot Air Balloons started in 2007 when I moved to Bristol, where the first modern day hot air balloon in Britain flew in 1967.

Each year, hot air balloons are celebrated at the balloon fiesta, held in an expansive area of the city ready to welcome the crowds as they arrive to witness this awe-inspiring experience.

My memories from living here are glancing out the window of my flat and gasping as I spotted the balloons glide through the air like magic. Each year the sight still took my breath away. Especially with the abundance of balloons, some out solo or others gliding in a collection. All colourfully designed and on display for the pleasure of us, the spectators.

Hot air balloon rides are most commonly launched at dawn or dusk, when there are calm conditions, to allow the pilot to control the altitude of the balloon to a finer degree – by simply heating or venting the air inside the balloon’s envelope. This seems to add to the charm of the experience. The calmness of that time of day, combined with watching something that would have once been impossible, takes your breath away.

Hot air balloons date back to the first flight in history, which was an experiment carried out by the Montgolfier brothers at Versailles, France. 1783, the year when man left the surface of the earth below.

From the ground the passer-by or enthusiast is stopped in their track at the awe-inspiring view. As if by magic, the balloons, gliding past on an adventure which very few will fully appreciate. At times coasting past rooftops and treetops, teasing the onlooker.

For those taking part in the hot air balloon experience, they are granted access to a bird’s eye view of the landscape they were once part of, where everyday life below continues below them, now from afar looking like an ants world. They catch glimpses of day-to-day life only available from the hot air balloon. The mystic of it all.

From the sky, anything feels possible where you feel lighter, witness to a magical world.  If you’re looking for a little adventure, you should definitely consider a hot air balloon ride. It is on my bucket list for sure.

How can you experience hot-air balloon joy in your life?


From the UK – why don’t you schedule in a visit to Bristol in August for the Balloon Fiesta

Or Europe – The European Balloon Festival is hosted in early July in Spain.


Two famous places to witness and experience a hot air balloon in the world are:

Cappadocia, Turkey and

Bagan, Myanmar.


Let your dreams take flight.

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