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January 16, 2022

Stop chasing anything in your life

Photo by Ann Zzz on Pexels.

I get it. We do not have something in your life, which is why we feel a sense of lack. But look around you. The chair, the table, the car, the laptop or notebook was a thought first before it was created and became a reality. We tend to take our current reality as a sign and reference point that it doesn’t come into reality but nothing is further from the truth. I remember those times when I really wanted something and moved mountains to get it, at least that’s how it felt, and what happened? I didn’t work out. Over and over again. In the moments, when I least thought about it, it came through the back door, effortless. Its difficult to understand this because it doesn’t mean we can sit there and wait until its delivered on a silver plate to us. Quiet the opposite is true. We have to take steps towards this goal but without that grinding of our teeth, without that full force. We all know people where their desire to become something feels too much, when their ambition to win feels off because they try so hard. We all love to see athletes for instance who give their best but are having a good time. Its flawless, its effortless. What you communicate to the world is that you trust yourself to win, you mastered it in a way, that you are having fun while doing it. Chasing only means you act out of lack. You don’t trust yourself and any minute, it can disappear, it can escape you. If you were confident, you can wait and trust yourself it will happen. You work towards it step by step.

Tell yourself all what you need is to be you. You do not need to convince anyone. You are good enough and anything you do towards achieving that goal is because you like to see your desires and dreams fulfilled. You deserve a life where they come true. No one takes this away from you. There is no effort involved. You do not need to become someone else. You never need to fit into anyone else’s life or framework. It is all about what you believe you deserve. Start by believing in yourself and that you are fully able to achieve your desires. No one else is able to do that but you. Do not give up on yourself but love yourself instead for the beautiful desires you created. Allow yourself to manifest them because you fully deserve them.

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