January 3, 2022

Why Female Friendships are so Important.


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Sweet Mary, one of my high school friends, has been the pillars of support and strength in various stages of life.

During a Sunday afternoon stroll, one of my best gal pals asks why I am always pinning and writing about romantic love.

“What about us?”

“Us, I ask?”

The big question she asks is why I haven’t written about the greatest love that never falters—the love of female friends.

My gal pals have been there for me, and I for them through thick and thin.

I acknowledge I am one of the lucky ones. I have friendships that have lasted 40 years. This is a huge accomplishment that is not often validated or celebrated. This is one heck of a friendship anniversary.

I honestly do not know why I haven’t written about this love connection to answer her question.

I guess I have taken these friendships sort of for granted.

I realize that it is important to talk about this type of love.

These are the people who I turn to when my heart is broken and when I need support.

These are the friends that have sat with me in grief, who have walked with me during times of loss and sorrow. They go way back. These friends are the ones that held my hair when I was sick and helped when my baby was colicky and I needed sleep. They showed up and dragged me out when I needed to get out and start living. They supported and inspired me and will always make me laugh. They have walked, run, and laughed with me through all the stages.

These friendships are golden, and neither time nor distance impacts us. These friendships have weathered many storms.

My friends remind me of where I have come from and where I am going. They know my strengths and failings and accept both the dark and the light. They accept that I have changed and will continue to grow. They embrace my stubborn tenacity and my hot-headedness.

On a winter day, I am reminded that I am surrounded by love. This love is a great romance of a different kind. This love story continues to evolve and grow long past the male relationships in our lives.

In our day and age, we often forget about the importance of female friendships.

The female heart is like no other.

Such friends are there through divorce, death, births, teenage strife, parenting woes, and aging family transitions. These friends see us at our best and at our worst and love us just the same.

I pause to give thanks for life, liberty, and love. I give thanks for a different kind of love—the love of my girlfriends. I am reminded of funny stories, high school haunts, and adventures. I am reminded of love. I have a unique circle of friends. They stand the test of time, and I can not wait for our next adventure.

As you are reading this, pause in reflection and think about your close gal pals. Have you stopped to tell them you love them? Yes, we need to express our love, gratitude, and appreciation for our friends.

So shoutout to your girl pals and celebrate those relationships. Kindle the flames of friendship by engagement, laughter, joy, and tears. We walk together, sharing our joys and sorrows.

Let us remind each other of the importance of the female heart. Thank you, dearest friend, for this inspiration and your love and support.


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