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January 15, 2022

Volunteer Vacations

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.

Have you ever wanted to get away and do some good in the world?  Ever wonder how people find their inner passion while working fulltime?  Here are a few things to consider if you’ve wanted to vacation in a spot and volunteer during your trip.

Where to Go?

Deciding on where to go, is totally up to you and your family. Think about common interests, such as the weather, surrounding towns, and the safety of the area. With Covid, please check for local public health alerts and the presence of the virus in your chosen vacation spot. Consider accommodations, possible host families, or other lodging requirements. You will also need to take the pulse of the current political environment before you make your final vacation decision. Another question is, the availability of volunteer opportunities in your chosen locale.

How to Help

Generally volunteering take on a few types. Helping in animal sanctuaries, environmental organizations, or schools are very common. Habitat for Humanity is a very common volunteer organization, often found in many countries. If you enjoy building and construction, all types of volunteers are needed to provide homes and self-reliance for families. Choose the type of volunteerism that speaks to your soul, and you enjoy. If you’re taking your family along this might take a bit more time to decide. Find a project that you all enjoy and feel strong about the organization’s mission.

Finding Purpose

Don’t think one vacation overseas will totally change the world. However, many of us taking the time to make an impact on our world’s challenges will make a lasting impact. Think about helping clean beaches during a visit to the West coast, Hawaii or the Great Lakes. How about helping at a local shelter or library when your vacation is planned. Map out the volunteerism you find purpose and the greatest impact.

Sustaining a sense of purpose is a human need. Helping others has a lasting effect that persists long past the actual trip. Check out local volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood to start small. Then plan your larger volunteer vacation project. Sustaining a sense of conscience purpose is your first step in helping make a better world for us all. Happy Travels!

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