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February 16, 2022

3 ways to build resilience

Does it get exhausting for you sometimes with setback after setback? Or maybe there is a previous period in your life you can relate to this.

Today I am going to share three tips with you I’ve learned in my life and from coaching to build more resilience.

I’m now a Confidence and Podcast Coach, Podcast Host and Author but there was once a stage in my life when I got rejected by over 10 jobs in a row consistently. There’s been times in my entrepreneurial life when life was challenging to generate business… every single entrepreneur can relate to this one I’ve spoken to. Dating has also been something that at times was very hard to work through.

Fortunately as someone so into personal growth I’ve adopted the mentality of learning from true models out there and then applying what I’ve learned. So here are my three hacks I’ve used to build my resilience and those I support.


The power of your environment

Environment can mean several things but in this case I am referring to the people in your life. This perhaps at glance sounds common sense but common sense isn’t that common… especially when we get into automated behaviours day to day.

If you have negative people either putting you down, putting themselves down, putting life down or all of these, it’s going to be really hard to have strong resilience if you surround yourself with this constantly.

If however you have uplifting, positive and strong minded people in your life, online or offline more often than negativity, then you’re likely to adopt similar attitudes and behaviours. Therefore look at who you are surrounding yourself with. There is a reason I’ve spent thousands in my personal growth and getting access to the right people in my life.

The book Will Power Doesn’t Work by Benjamin Hardy goes into this more.

Focus on giving

This point is not about exhausting yourself by caring for everyone. No! You can’t contribute to others if you don’t care for yourself. This point is more about having a purpose or goal on something stronger than yourself. Whether that’s a charity, loved ones, a new meaning you want to add to the world or something else. As human beings we’ll do much more when it’s not just for ourselves, it adds more inspiration and resilience than just short term motivation.

What could this be for you? I personally give a percentage of my income to Great Ormond Street Hospital as one example to support ill children.


Remember to train your subconscious mind

Studies and research have shown the majority of our behaviour is driven from the subconscious mind. Therefore we’d better make sure it has as much empowering information in it as possible. The mind has the conscious mind (what we are focusing on in that moment) and the subconscious mind (what we are not in that moment consciously but has been filled with experiences and beliefs).

If you have a strong will consciously to lose weight but subconsciously you believe ‘I am not enough’ ‘I will never lose weight’ your healthy behaviour will only be short lived before self sabotage. Therefore as well as taking action the subconscious mind needs to be supportive.

How do you do this? I won’t go too much into detail but I love using short hypnosis or meditations tracks. Check out Marisa Peer, Joe Dizpenza and Bruce Lipton. If we have a subconscious mind that believes strong things about us, we will be more resilient to challenges that come up in life.



So today we’ve looked at three ways to build your resilience. Make sure you have as much access to good quality people in your life. Make sure you focus on contributing to others as well as caring for yourself. Then train that subconscious mind daily.


By Jonny Pardoe

Podcast Host, Confidence & Podcast Coach and Author

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