February 11, 2022

A walk, community, & “Jew Card.”

So much anger and confusion and hate in this world. And…so much joy and community and empathy. I’ll go with love, thank you.

Just jogged healed-up ol’Redford down to Yoga Pearl, where Michelle is teaching two classes in a row despite feeling achey. So proud of her. We get there, she walks out in her N95, takes it off, we smooch, she’s beautiful and open, we clarify some communication, then walk to Wonder, just missed it, they’re closed, walk past golden lit up Trident, I miss it, and it’s time for her second class, so we walk right back. She goes in, I chat with her and the staff there briefly (meaning they say hi to Redford, give him smooches), and I turn to leave.

A young man comes up, friendly, says, “is this place good for yoga?” Something like that. I say “For sure, I mean, my fiancee is teaching right now, so I sure hope so! You could probably walk around and check it out briefly right now, they’re in between classes.”

It’s nice to see some random folks, talk, you know, community!

Then he says, “do you know, do they require vax card, [_ew] card?”

My heart caves in on itself in sadness. I say, “I’m sorry? ‘What card’?’

“Jew card. You know, like what they required in Nazi Germany.”

“I’m Jewish,” he clarifies, as if that makes what he just said remotely…okay.

I say, “I am, too.” I’m half-Jewish. My Jewish grandpa served in Europe in WWII.

He continues: “My name’s – – — – — —-. I grew up two blocks from here, on — — — Street.” Not sure why that’s relevant, but okay.

I say, “that’s a super-intense way of referring to them,” I say, looking hurt, I’m pretty sure, sad, and turn to walk away.

He says, “love ya, bro!,” in sweet, a-bit-bypassing, bro-ey fashion.

I say, “love you too!” and walk home with Redford, feeling sad and shaken at the state of this world. Such a nice moment and walk with Redford and Michelle and Yoga Pearl, working so hard to stay open…and then that, a living manifestation of twitter/disinformation mind.

And yeah, I too grew up in Boulder. But that’s not relevant, either.

Calling a vax card a Jew card doesn’t add up. You know why Jews, and some others, had to show ID? Because Nazi Germany wanted to control, then exterminate them. You know why we show a vax card? Same reason as an id, to get into a bar, or a driver’s license, to drive, or a…you know, passport, with vax info. They’re papers, they’re ID, but there’s not the threat of murder, rape, genocide, cultural and religious extermination on the other end. It’s just about, you know, showing that we’re not gonna breathe on someone vulnerable or elderly and hurt or kill them.

I’ve tried to write this up accurately, without portraying him badly. I wish him and everyone health, happiness, safety, and joy. I don’t want anger or insults to come out of this.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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