February 23, 2022

Backpacking: One of the Best ways for Spiritual Empowerment.


Backpacking is no small feat.

Between carrying 50 extra pounds of weight, trekking for miles through the woods, and foraging to nearby streams for a source of water, this activity is usually more appealing to adventurous individuals than to those seeking solace.

However, many who have embarked on a backpacking trip have found it to be a spiritually-empowering journey, rivaling the effects felt after attending a meditation retreat.

Although backpacking takes a bit more physical fitness than traditional meditation, this action takes you out of your everyday lifestyle and allows you to unwind in nature.

With the tales of Indigenous Peoples and the monuments of sacred lands, it is evident that we have significant spiritual ties to nature, many of which have been forgotten as skyscrapers have risen in place of the once bountiful lands.

Immersing yourself in this environment once again, with less dependence on the human-made resources we’ve come to rely on, forces you to connect with nature and redevelop your respect for the environment that the land’s ancestors once identified with. Connecting with nature has been known to release inner emotions and help you relate more to your spiritual side.

Even among your arduous hikes, however, there is plenty of time for you to practice meditation. Backpacking does not confine you to a strict schedule. Instead, you’re free to step to the beat of your own drum, following whatever rhythm you feel fits your desires. Many have taken this escape from technology, noise pollution, and everyday duties to embrace the solitude that can only be found in nature and engage in meditation.

Removing these distractions allows you to fully enjoy this environment and plug into your deepest emotions. Many spiritual breakthroughs have taken place when individuals embrace this environment.

There is an entirely additional aspect of spirituality that comes as a result of backpacking.

Throughout this journey, you are forced to rely on yourself and your ability to use natural resources. Between overcoming physical limitations and creating meals out of ingredients you found yourself, backpacking increases your self-confidence and allows you to feel more connected with yourself. You’ll begin to see what you are truly capable of, developing confidence and gaining a more spiritual outlook on life.

Many backpackers embark on their journey only hoping to have a few adventurous days or months away, but many individuals return from these travels, surprised with how much of a spiritual impact it made on them.

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not to try your hand at backpacking, now might be the time to begin training yourself for this impactful experience.


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