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February 16, 2022

How to Leave Your Miserable 9-5 Job in 3 Easy Steps

A little over a year ago I got up the courage to leave the profession I’d been doing for 15 years to focus on my business as a Reiki healer and animal communicator. If you’re anything like me, I thought I’d be doing the 9-5 corporate job thing for most, if not all, of my life. And at first, my job could be fun, challenging and even exciting! Fast forward 10 plus years and I found myself in a toxic work environment where yelling, belittling and overwork were the norms. All of the fun was gone and everyday felt like a punishment.

Is this how I wanted to spend my life? This job no longer had any qualities I appreciated. I longed for something that would fill my soul, that let me be creative, and allowed me to help people. The first step I took was to be curious. I began to read self-improvement book after self-improvement book, until something clicked. It finally happened one day when I was on a plane while reading a Louise Hay book. She was telling a story about a man who left his boring and unfulfilling accounting practice to become a Reiki healer. This man, while scared to make the leap, ultimately found his Reiki healing practice to be much more lucrative than his job as a CPA. I was suddenly curious about what Reiki was healing was. I always felt that I was meant to be a healer of some sort. People always told me I put them at east, that I calmed them down when they were upset – so I thought this could be a natural fit.

I had no idea how to accomplish becoming a healer but suddenly I had a desire to learn something new. That’s the second step. If you have a desire to do something, the Universe has no choice other than to help you out. I began searching for Reiki classes in my area and immediately found a Reiki teacher with the same first name as me. I wondered if having the same name was a sign that I should study with her, but I was in for a bigger surprise.

When I went to her website, there was a photo of the Reiki teacher giving a healing to a blind cat. I was shocked because cats are my favorite creatures on Earth! I’m crazy for cats! Previously, I had been hemming and hawing, trying to think of all the reasons why I shouldn’t or couldn’t sign up for the classes, but now I really knew I was on the right track. I had to sign up! And that’s the last step – when the Universe sends you synchronicity after synchronicity, you must “follow the breadcrumbs.” There’s no such thing as a coincidence. You can roll your eyes or balk or whatever it is you may be doing in response to this statement, but I promise you – the Universe is sending you signs and if you’d like to be happy and fulfilled, it’ll behoove you to follow the trail unfolding before you. You won’t know where it leads, but you don’t need to. That’s part of the fun.

So, let’s recap. The first step is to be curious – find what sings to your soul. Read books, take classes, do something you’ve never done, do something you think is a little scary. When you find something you think you like, have a desire to try it out without fear of failure. You don’t have to commit to a new lifestyle, just do something that gets you out of your comfort zone; because you cannot make magical life changes while lying on the couch eating popcorn – I know, I’ve tried. The last step is the easiest! Ask the Universe to show you signs that you’re on the right track and it will. For example, if you decided to take some cooking classes because you love to cook, don’t be surprised if a friend randomly gifts you with a fancy, new apron. The signs can be that small. And seem totally random – but I promise they’re not.

Now please don’t expect things to dramatically change in just a few months’ time. They may, but likely not. Lasting change for the best takes time. Don’t get discouraged – you have to start somewhere. The only failure is not to start at all.

You might be wondering what became of my Reiki classes so I’ll tell you. I became a Reiki practitioner at the master level and now have a Reiki practice for pets and people. I also work as a “pet psychic” or, animal communicator, as it’s more formally known, in the Los Angeles area as well as remotely all over the world. I never thought I’d be a pet psychic, but I followed the breadcrumbs and here I am.

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