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February 1, 2022

How to Practice Your Artistic Skills

Drawing has always been a popular pastime. Before the invention of photography, sketches were used to illustrate books and to capture the likeness of a loved one. There is an art form for everyone; for example, sketching is one of the most affordable mediums. When you learn the basics to sketching, you’re on your way to creating a masterpiece.

To the new artist, drawing can often be a daunting skill to learn. The artist must learn to see with different eyes, taking in the shapes and shadows of their subjects. If you are a new artist, here are some tips for improving your skills.

1- Sketch Every Day

As with any other skill, art becomes easier if done on a regular basis. You don’t need to have long art sessions every day to improve. Carrying your sketchbook around to practice in during quiet moments will make a difference.

If you don’t know what to draw, find an easy tutorial online. Memorize the steps to drawing flowers or houses. Carry your sketchbook around and repeat these steps throughout the day. Not only will your flowers look more realistic, but the process will become easier.

2- Play With Perspective

If you’re drawing from real life, it can be fun to capture an object from different perspectives. Learn the shape of a teacup by drawing it from multiple angles.

Set up a simple still-life and sketch it from the left side as well as the right. This exercise will help you create more dynamic sketches and paintings. If you want something more challenging, try this exercise outside with a tree or shrub.

3- Use Stick Figures

If your goal is to draw people, most art teachers agree that you should start by experimenting with stick figures. They help you to learn the height and width of a child versus an adult. It’s important to know the length of an arm or leg compared to the subject’s torso.

Before you try to paint someone’s portrait, practice with stick figures until you understand human proportion. Draw them in different positions until the pencil strokes come naturally. This will make it easier to draw people.

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