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February 13, 2022

Single? Create Your Own Valentine’s Day Fun!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t define your love life. You may be single now, but that can change tomorrow. At some point, everyone has experienced the loneliness and sadness of Valentine’s Day, so take a deep breath and know that you will meet someone ~ but for now, find ways to enjoy yourself.

This day has always created anxiety for people. For many who are in a relationship, they feel tons of pressure. Most people are unsure of what is the “exact” amount of Valentine they should give their significant other.

And  just remember, the happiest people on Valentine’s Day are the jewelers and restaurant owners! I’m purposely being cheeky because I’m trying to make the point that we blow the significance of this day out of proportion. If you are in a happy committed relationship, Valentine’s Day should be like every other day where you consistently demonstrate your love, compassion, kindness and caring towards your partner. People in loving relationships don’t anticipate Valentine’s Day as the best day of the year to express their love.

To take some of the pressure off the day, I highly recommend that you plan something fun for yourself. Go to a movie. Get a massage. Find a few single people and go out to dinner or plan something, so the evening passes joyfully. I give this advice to everyone I coach, and every single person has thanked me because at the end of the day, they had a good time and didn’t sit home wallowing in self-pity or depression.

It is always up to you to make a plan that fulfills your happiness and curiosity, so you are engaged in living. Whenever you can, focus on what you can do to bring joy into your life. I find when I make plans, I focus on getting ready and look forward to going out. If I don’t make plans, days can go by and the only thing that happens is that I sink deeper into depression.

Hopefully next year, you will be sitting across the table from the love of your life enjoying a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner. This year, be your own best Valentine. Take really good care of yourself, love yourself up, and feel the joy of knowing everything you want is coming to you.

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