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March 26, 2022

“Gratitude Brings Abundance”

“For my part, I am almost contented just now, and very thankful. Gratitude is a divine emotion: it fills the heart but not to bursting; it warms it, but not to fever.” 

– Charlotte Bronte

I thought about all the recent ongoing of my life; the helplessness of the situation I was in. Then I read this quote, “Gratitude Brings abundance” and it made me realise of all the things I ought to be thankful for. If we are not grateful for what we have then there is no point. No point in getting up in the morning, there is anything to look forward to if there is no ray of hope.

We all have something to look forward to. It could be something little like a cup of coffee after a job, which is planned for the day, is completed. At the moment, for me it’s something simple as writing this and enjoying the satisfaction I feel in others reading my words.

After a monotonous day, as I sat on my bed, I thought deeply of the life I led. A family life of my own left behind as I had come to help my Parents for the last two months. Although it was important I was there for them, I was missing my home and family at the same time.

The feeling of not having my family around made me feel sick and isolated. Each day had become repetitive, with nothing to look forward to. On most days, my only source of human conversation was the carer and the home help that visited the house regularly. On those days, I had an instinctive inner strength that kept me going. What was it and where it came from, I do not know. It was some sort of inner belief or hope that kept me going.

I had to stay positive for my parents and myself. I began by being thankful of all the beautiful things in life, I had; a comfortable house, a lovely room, my soft bed, clean clothes. When I looked out of the window, I saw luscious, green trees, glowing stars, a bight moon, our pear tree and lots and lots of memories that nobody could take away.

During testing times of our lives, a defence mechanism kicks in. I am sure that all of you have discovered this ‘boon’ because in the last two years we have all had a very hard time in one way or another. There has to be something, which keeps us going. Think of what kept you going- love, friendship, family, job or children?

I thought of all the people that had been there for me in life and helped me. I thought of the Teachers who had invested in me, trying to make me understand a concept or two. I thought of the doctors who had seen me in times of need and given me medication. I think of the rickshaw puller, who had taken me to school when I was little. My mind drifts off to my friends (old and new) who have been there for me, helping me with difficult times, talking to me, guiding me along and giving me many memories.

My mind wandered off, thinking of the cheerful carer, who comes in everyday, tirelessly, with enthusiasm in her voice, saying, “Good morning,” as she enters the door. I thanked the help we have, who talked to me when I have nobody to talk to. He forgets his life and offers me hope.

When I went out to the shops I would have some interaction and would think about the little incidents like anyone does as the day replays in our minds. I thought of the lady who was at the check out at the shops earlier, she wasn’t just doing her job; she smiled, tried to make a conversation and build a rapport. Imagine, doing that for eight hours a day, everyday? She made me forget about my troubles; if only it was for a minute or two by diverting my attention and making me smile and talk.

Wear Gratitude like a cloak and, it will feed every corner of your life

– Rumi

When we give something back it feels wonderful, almost therapeutic. When I give clothes or books to charity or say something nice to someone. I know that I am giving back. I am cheering up someone, making them happy for a few moments. We can only give when we have enough of something. Passing on goodness is innate; think of all the altruistic things you have done whenever you have felt happy. Imagine the magnanimity of the power we have by this mere gesture; we can change a person’s mindset within a few seconds. Also, when we see someone happy, it makes us double happy. The more happiness we give, the more we have, isn’t it? Hence, “Gratitude Brings Abundance.”

Despite all the negativity and evil in the World, I truly feel that if it were not for all the good people, this World of ours would not be able to survive. There are lots of genuine, noble people in this World and if it weren’t for them, you and I would not be here.

Sometimes all it takes is to reflect and appreciate the things we take for granted to help bring positivity into our lives.

Thank you, Elephant Journal for giving writers a platform to voice our words.

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