March 5, 2022

The Most Important Part of a Yoni Massage. {Adult}

There is something so important in yoni massage, both for healing and pleasure.


Pause in your touch.

Pause in your caress.


Rest your hand, your fingers.

Energy moves in the pause.

Release is in the pause.

Letting go is in the pause.

Relaxation is in the pause.

The body softens in the pause.

The body opens in the pause.

The heart connects, listens, and hears in the pause.

The pause is a breath, a sigh, a moment between one wave and the next, between one sensation and the next.

The pause is the space between the layers that drop us deeper into ourselves.

The pause is the stillness that gives birth to the next touch.

The pause is where I can drop from the mind into the body of knowing.

Wherever you’re touching—outer lips, clitoris, inside her yoni, or deep around her cervix.



Whether it’s an experience of healing or of pleasure—sometimes, they’re the same.


Constant touch, constant stimulation, is busyness, doing.

The pause is being.


And in the stillness, we connect, deep, deep, deeper.

In the stillness, we become aware of what’s present in the body, the sensation, the feeling, the emotion.

In the stillness, there’s a guide, your body showing me where to touch and where to move. Your body presents itself, moves sometimes with subtlety, where you want to be touched.

In the stillness is where our hearts talk, beyond the mind, beyond thoughts.

Breathe in the pause, and the breath drops us deeper into our bodies, deeper into the sensitivity.

There’s a settling in this breath, a settling in the pause.

A settling in the body, the sensation, the feeling, the energy.

And in the settling, the body softens to go deeper.

The pause is the spiritual moment.

The pause is where we feel the pulsation beneath the skin.

The pause draws us into each other. Often in movement, there is a giver and a receiver. In stillness, there is one.

The Deep Yoni Pause.






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