April 18, 2022

Is it okay to film your partner in their home without permission (or despite explicit denial of permission) and post it?

“Jada Pinkett forces Will Smith to respond on her Instagram live stream.”

Yes, let’s move on from gossip and contemplating others. But when societal issues are raised, and we can learn something helpful from them, yes.

Perhaps a harsh interpretation of what’s happening here, but.

Narcissist? Toxic? I don’t know, but posting this after denial doesn’t seem okay. Yes: you can delete a live video.

I’m in social media, and media generally, and I do film Michelle, my partner. And she films me. But we always ask if there’s any question of appropriateness, in fact likely going overboard on permission, even with a mere photo. Yes, it can be hairy to negotiate with a partner, but more communication is always better than closed or no communication.

Some comments, agree or disagree:

He clearly and calmly tried to communicate a boundary and explained why that boundary was there. And she disregarded that boundary AND F*CKING POST IT!

To the guy’s point. We have no say in their relationship. But if this is representative on how Jada approaches conflict in their relationship. That is fucked for will

It’s awful to watch. He explains how he would like to be asked for consent and she completely disregards it. He does it in the most calm and reasonable way too. But she is embarrassed and chooses to belittle him.

“I’m still dealing with foolishness,” she says, then goes completely passive aggressive, placing the blame for their relationship needing help on him when he won’t do and say what she wants on camera. Yikes.

She’s cheated on him then said “we have caused each other pain”. Imma be honest, I feel like it’s mostly her.


What’s weird is that about two months ago I heard him on an NPR interview with Terry Gross whee he was really breaking some stuff down. I’d never really heard him talk outside of a character, and he was just really getting honest about realizing how much of his upbringing he’s now trying to unlearn.

It was an incredible interview, which was part of why I was so mad when he hit Chris. I was like, “Where the fuck is that guy from the interview?!?”

One thing that really sticks out, though, was that he said that he thought one of his biggest issues was a toxic belief that his role in a relationship was to serve the women in his life at any cost, and how that led him to infidelity in his first marriage.

Apparently, he was taught some very fucked up stuff growing up. I wish him and his whole family healing: https://www.npr.org/2021/11/10/1054352074/will-smith

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Read 4 comments and reply

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